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A Few Things I Know For Sure

With John Patrick Adams
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 3:05 PM

So You're 30+, NOW WHAT???

By: John Patrick Adams

So you’re 30+…  Ready to settle down, not necessarily marry, but something serious…  You’ve had more “One Night” stands, “Booty Calls”, and “Bad Relationships” than you want to admit…  You’re too old to continue tolerating the games, but too young not to play them…  So what is a person your age supposed to do?  Are you cursed?  Supposed to settle for whatever comes your way?  Supposed to wait on God to send you the man/woman of your dreams?  What exactly is someone your age supposed to do???


Taking inventory…  Some of your friends who got married in their twenties are now divorced in their thirties, forties, and fifties…  When you look at what’s out there, it’s like you have to pick the lesser of two evils…  Either it’s going to be “Baby Momma Drama” or “Unemployed”….   “Insecurities” or “Controlling Behavior”…  “Drugged” or “Diseased”… “Separated” or “Open Relationship”…  It’s like there’s no winning when it comes to dating, so what is a gal/guy like you and your age supposed to do?? 


You’re focused, driven, passionate about life, and determined to be better than those before you…  You’re mentally and financially stable, educated, and engineered to achieve greater…  You’re spiritually grounded, in touch with your inner being, and you’ve realized your inner force is one to be reckoned with…  But what is someone your age supposed to do???  How do you survive in a world where takers outnumber givers???  “Gamers” outnumber people who truly want a relationship???  Where “love” seems to be something only imagined and never achieved???  What is someone your age supposed to do???


YOU LIVE!!!  Live your life as though today is your last day on earth…  Live with love for yourself so that others know how to love you as well…  Learn to find yourself attractive so the force within you sends that message…  Embrace your singleness as a gift and not a curse and learn to live your life regardless to whether you have someone to share it with…  Waiting to give “You” to someone else only prevents you from giving “You” to the world… 


What I know for sure is…  Over 30 and Single/Divorced isn’t the end of the world…  There are people with real ish going on who would love to have your problems if this is what it really is… Maybe you’re concerned about your biological clock, but if you die today, your biological clock ends with your life ending….  Maybe you’re concerned no one will want an “Old Maid” or a “Distinguished Butler”…  Take it from a 45 year old guy, THAT’S A LIE…  30 isn’t the new 20, 40 isn’t the new 30, 50 isn’t the new 40…  YOU ARE YOUR AGE, but it doesn’t mean you are any less attractive…


Don’t allow the world to bamboozle you into believing you’re unlovable, unattractive, and unworthy of love…  Getting older isn’t the end of you, I promise..  Each day you wake up is a gift to be a better version of the “you” from yesterday…  If you’re reading this post, start being who you want to date…  Start going to the places you want to go…  Start doing the things you’ve dreamed of…  And if dating or marriage is in your plan, God will orchestrate the date…  Your life isn't a race you win nor is "happiness" a competition...  Stop competing with the "dream of you" and start living a life that exceeds anything you could ever think or imagine...


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