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A Few Things I Know For Sure

With John Patrick Adams
Thursday, August 17, 2017 3:09 PM

I'm Black

By: John Patrick Adams

I find it funny how you look at me when I walk in the room…  How you judge me before I even utter a word…  Even without knowing me; giving me a chance, you size me up…  You profile; categorize; and stereotype me…  Is it because I’m black?  Because I grew up on a different side of the track than you?   Is it because of the size of my lips, darkness of my eyes, or the  swag in my walk?  What is it I’m doing that makes you think you’re better than me?


I’m black, not by choice, but destiny…  There’s nothing I can do to change that, nor is there anything I would do to change that…  I’m proud of who I am, where I’ve come from and I’m more excited about where I’m headed…  I’m black, because my parents and their parents are black…  Again, I’m black not by choice, but destiny…So what is it about me being black that threatens you?  Is it you believe I’m going to surpass you?  That I’m going to know more, gain more, and do more???  Is it because you believe I’m going to take what you’ve achieved and destroy it???  What is it about me being black that scares you???


I laugh when you discriminate against me…  When you whisper lies to people who don’t even know me…  I smile when I hear of how you try to sabotage me, because it only reveals you see the greatness in me…  Maybe we come from two different places, but does that make you better than me???  Does that give you the right to stare at me?  Judge me?  Profile or stereotype me?


Maybe you graduated from a more reputable school than I, but does that mean you’re smarter?  More deserving of success???   Maybe you’ve saved more money, live in a bigger home, or drive a prettier car, but does that give you the right to criticize me???   Just because my brothas and sistas are dreaded, tattooed, and some even like shagging in their pants, does that mean they are less than you???  Who needs Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics or any other race to discriminate when we have the “African American Man/Woman” criticizing, profiling, and holding everything against those who are a different shade of BLACK????   Oh you thought I was talking to the “The Man”, naw I’m talking to my African American Brothers and Sisters who are just as racist against their own kind as the KKK…  And for those of you who choose to recognize yourself as Non-African American because you’re “Half & Half”, to the KKK you’re still a Nigga (Sorry Nigger), don’t lift yaself too high “Tom”…


Black comes in many different shades and because someone is a different shade than you, dresses different than you, speaks different than you doesn’t mean YOU are better than they are…  And when I say “shades” I’m not speaking of the color of their skin… I’m speaking of the differences in which we express ourselves to the world…  Here’s a tip for you…  You’re black, not by choice, but destiny…  I don’t care where you graduated from, the possessions you may acquire, or how successful you believe you are…   YOU’RE GOING TO DIE A BLACK MAN/WOMAN….  Again, you’re black not by choice, but destiny…


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