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A Few Things I Know For Sure

With John Patrick Adams
Tuesday, August 22, 2017 7:13 PM

"Sewn In, Grown In"

By: John Patrick Adams


So I had a buddy ask “Should a woman tell a man she has weave or wears a wig?”  Now as trivial as this question seems, this brother has a valid point…  You see he’s dated this woman for the past couple of months, complimented her on her hair, and has even paid for her hair appointment…  Not one time has she mentioned her hair was purchased…  In the beginning when they first started talking, he expressed he love women with long hair…  Now I know that can be interpreted differently, but he assured me he expressed grown in hair…  Now I know the trend today is long hair with the Farah Faucet curls, Aliyah bangs, and colored Mary J. Blige blonde, but is it catfishing a guy???   


Now I know some of you are blowing a gasket right about now because you’ve paid some pretty good money for your hair…  You’re not walking around with a cheap laced front weave, glue in, or a sew in with thread you would use to make a pair of pants…   I get it, your hair can stand the toughest situations…  But you gotta at least understand where this brother is coming from…  They’ve dated for months and she’s said nothing…  He’s complimented her for months and she’s said nothing…  He’s paid for hair appointments and she’s said nothing…  So should a woman tell a guy her locks are actually tracks????  Is a guy wrong if he wants a woman with long grown in hair??? 


Comment and let him know if he’s over reacting…