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Bump It or Dump It?

With Carlos Harleaux
Friday, September 16, 2016 7:52 PM

Erick Murphy's Flashback To The 90s

By: Carlos Harleaux

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I first met Erick Murphy during an interview I did with Tha Afterparty Radio back in July. He kept me rolling the entire interview and had a very cool personality. He's also an artist, producer and songwriter. After checking out his music, I had to get a chance to interview him as well about his single "Amazin" and some other great tracks he has released. I got a chance to catch up with Erick recently and here's an excerpt of our interview below. You can also listen to the full dialogue below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Erick. 

I’m Erick Murphy. A guy that really loves music. I’ve been around it my whole life, just really kicked off when I was in the band in 4th grade. I played trumpet, everything in the brass and drum line. I started off making noise with pots and turning them into a snare when I was younger. As far as turning to the rap game, I was initially more into the production of things. I’m a big fan of Dr. Dre, Mannie Fresh, a lot of southern artists and producers. I step into soul, classical, country and rock too. Anything really that catches my attention.

The rapping started when I began producing another artist. He gave me the first honor of producing for him. Over the years, he went on to create a group and I was in that group. We turned it into a 6 piece group. We all ended up getting signed to 67 South Records. I then became a solo artist and my name was Kreech. Now I go by Erick Murphy.

I know you have your new single, “Amazin”, which is jamming. How did that song come about and the collaborators you have on it?

Actually that track itself was originally meant for another artist on the label, David Cast. He kinda gave up on working on that track and I picked it up. I was fan of his as well. It was a pretty long track and I knew I couldn’t really kill it by myself. I’m not a selfish artist and I have features everywhere on my music. Layzie was on the old roster on the label, which was brought back. I met her for the first time doing this track. She’s really a dope artist; really creative. She’s almost like me in a female artist form.

Daunte is a mutual friend of our engineer, Dre. He’s from LA. He came down and blessed us with a verse. We actually met before while doing another guy’s track called “Cruising”. Me, Layzie and Daunte are a nice collective right now. We work very well together. David Cast is the screwed up voice on the hook too.