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Bump It or Dump It?

With Carlos Harleaux
Thursday, May 26, 2016 10:19 PM

Is Fantasia Creeping On Her Husband?

By: Carlos Harleaux

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Before hearing “Sleeping With The One I Love” I was honestly feeling a bit underwhelmed about Fantasia’s upcoming new album, “The Definition Of…”. The first single, “No Time For It” was decent, but honestly didn’t seem to fit her. Likely due to a low boil of a response to that song, she has already teased fans with the second single from the album. Of all of the songs that have been released thus far, “Sleeping With The One I Love” is eons above what we’ve heard already (despite “So Blue” being a noteworthy song). Every song an artist sings does not have to be autobiographical, but the lyrics here will surely have fans questioning whether or not there’s trouble in Fantasia’s marriage.

The song’s theme is reminiscent of the soul stirring “In Love With Another Man” by Jazmine Sullivan. Since then, there really hasn’t been another song to carry that sentiment so beautifully and painfully….until now. This is easily one of Fantasia’s best songs in recent years. She’s soulful, unrestricted and truthful here (or at least one excellent liar) about how she feels. In a nutshell, Fantasia has everything she could ever need at home, but there’s another man she wants that’s not sleeping in her bed.

Check out the song for yourself below and decide if you would Bump It or Dump It? Be on the lookout for her new CD to be released on July 29th

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