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With Carlos Harleaux
Friday, August 26, 2016 9:36 PM

Leon Timbo Talks Love (Interview Part 2)

By: Carlos Harleaux

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Leon Timbo has a voice that is unforgettable. More importantly, he has an authentic soul that permeates through the music. His lyrics are deliberate and his style is definitely appreciated in a time where R&B music has become watered down. His latest album, What Love’s All About, is a collection of funky dance grooves, a pinch of Reggae, slight Pop and a whole lot of Soul. Make sure you get his album and don’t be the last to know about this great work of art. I had a chance to catch up with Leon Timbo earlier this week to discuss his career, how Tyrese discovered him and why he pulled away from music for a while. Enjoy Part 2 of the interview below. Part 1 is available HERE

On your album, What Love’s All About, you worked primarily with the producer Luther “Mano” Hanes. What was that experience like?

Mano is my favorite producer. I say that without biting my tongue. When you talk about the sound of the 60s, 70s, Earth, Wind & Fire and even people not wanting Quincy Jones to work with Michael Jackson because he was a jazz guy, Mano comes from that school. He comes from the timeless school. My biggest prayer to God was that I would release a timeless record where my kids and kids’ kids could listen to it and feel inspired. You need a partner who can equally articulate that. Mano is the perfect complement and producer to that equation.

One of the songs on your album, “Forever (A Father’s Song)” talks about your children. What is the legacy you want to leave behind for your family and be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for being the best version of myself. In being the best version myself, there’s a clear distinction in the world that I lived in, that I was able to influence and give hope to. Whatever path or journey that I am here to bless. You will see a direct inspiration to that specific people group that wouldn’t have been had I not been true to the best version of me. Even when other people didn’t understand. That’s the legacy I want to leave my kids is to be the best version of themselves. Sometimes, that takes not being popular in the environments that they’ve grown up in.

You mentioned at one point in your career that you let years pass until you were able to create music again that you had a passion for. How difficult was it if at all during that time?

The honest answer, it killed me! You’re in this space and stuff is happening around you. You start off with peers who release a good album and then awards happen. Then it happens again. You’re like, “Wait a minute”. We needed to make sure that this project made sense all the way around. I didn’t want to release an album until I had seen enough of the country, traveled enough outside of the country and until I felt like there would be people who were waiting for it. I did not want to represent an album until I felt that it was timeless and something that would open the doors I’ve always wanted to open.

Get Leon Timbo’s new album, What Love’s All About, on all online retailers. Find him on Facebook (Leon Timbo), Instagram (@LeonTimbo) and Twitter (@LeonTimbo). You can also keep up with him on his website, www.leontimbolive.com.

You can also check out the full audio of the interview here