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With Carlos Harleaux
Saturday, February 18, 2017 4:21 PM

RoseGold Shares Her TLC Writing Experience

By: Carlos Harleaux

RoseGold is an amazing singer and songwriter who hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Now she lives in Los Angeles, California. Her music is sultry, honest and unique. She was featured on Terrace Martin’s Grammy nominated album, Velvet Portraits (“Think Of You”) and she has even written some songs from TLC’s upcoming new album. We talked about everything from being creative and heartfelt Aquarians (her birthday is February 6th), being unapologetic, how she got her name and her experience with TLC. Check out a piece of our interview below. Hear her music at https://soundcloud.com/MuvaGoldBlood.

This is part 2 of our interview, where she specifically speaks on her experience writing songs for TLC's upcoming album.

Have you ever written a song for someone else that you wish you would have kept for yourself?

I may feel a little strange about certain things, but I love what I write. If you love yourself, you gotta love your work. They’re (the songs) are like babies. When you send your babies out into the world, you be blown sometimes. As long as they represent you properly though, then they will carry your legacy and you can’t be mad.

How was it like writing for TLC?

I do love the TLC “Joyride” record. Every word in that record is about them but about me. It’s about watching their lives and realizing how much they loved us (the fans). Tionne (T-Boz) was sick our entire lives. She still made me think I was cool as f$^k. That group changed all of our lives that paid attention and even those that didn’t. I thought, “What would they want to say to us”? For me, I was talking about my mom, daughter, sister, father, friends and people I don’t get to spend time with but pray for me every day. The record was #1 in Japan for 2 weeks. That was lit. I cry every time I hear that record. I didn’t have no direction for that record. I thought about how they make me feel and how I miss my family so bad.

Then they called me back to do “Sunny”. Me, Tionne and Ron Fair wrote that record at Ron’s house at his house studio. He takes no sh!t and he’s about the business and the music. I learned a lot from him during that time. I was happy they called me back, because I was able to spend more time to get to know Tionne and write with her. I never got a chance to meet Rozonda (Chilli) though.

Was there any piece of advice or one major take away from working with them?

What I get from Tionne is just be yourself. Even if they think it’s corny, that’s you. She’s very real and cool. She’s so cool. I love Tionne. I remember her telling me how she came up with her name. Somebody told her it was corny and all around the world, people know her name. She’s a good mom too, being able to balance a mother, performer and a songwriter. Plus, to see her daughter Chase grow up to be so cool and so beautiful, that gives me hope like I’m not being a bad mom because I’m working so much. So I have to take away nothing but great things.

Are there any other songs you’ve written that appear on their album?

Actually no. I came at the end of the process. I came on the last day of the songwriting camp. They had been doing it for a week or two. The writing camp was actually over when I started writing “Sunny”. Tionne loves that song. A lot of my friends are a part of the album too though. Candace Wakefield. She is a genius. She is the one. She can get it done every time and she will. I was supposed to get in more rooms, but I used up all my time writing “Joyride”. I’m still in fan mode though. I wanna know when the album is coming out and everything.

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