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Bump It or Dump It?

With Carlos Harleaux
Thursday, February 25, 2016 5:21 PM

Tisha Campbell Martin: Self Proclaimed B!tch???

By: Carlos Harleaux

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When Tisha Campbell Martin was the co-star of the hit 90s sitcom Martin, she was often described as a little uptight. Now, all of those thoughts may be thrown completely out of the window. She’s slowly making her back into the music industry. Late last year, she released a personally touching single, “Steel Here”. The song stemmed from a letter she received from a man who raped her when she was just three years old. With songs like “Steel Here”, the direction of her upcoming album seemed to be uplifting and positive. But this week, she dropped a new single called “Lazy Bitch (This Ain’t Gina)”.

She definitely seems to be calling out some haters in the song. But what’s more interesting is how it involves her best friend, actress Tasha Smith. Many don’t know Tasha Smith’s marriage was annulled late last year. Her ex-husband Keith Douglas even went as far as calling Tisha and Tasha lesbians. Perhaps the song is a jab at him and his family. Who knows? Either way, check out the new single below.

I’m curious to see what direction her album will take now. Would you say Bump It or Dump It to this song?

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