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With Nikki Jackson
Monday, July 10, 2017 12:41 PM

Why Some Women Choose To Be A Side Chic

By: Nikki Jackson

Let's face it, as much as some might not like to admit, being a side chic is easy. There's no commitment, no downside, no arguments, no bullshit. A side chic can have all the benefits of being with someone, without having to be with someone. She more than likely is getting treated better than his wife. Why? Because she's giving him what he wants, so he gives her what she wants. Let me explain for those that might not agree; the main reason behind having a side chic is sex. The second reason is someone that doesn't nag, bitch, complain, or withholds sex because he did something stupid that pissed her off. The third thing is someone that's completely different than what he has at home. Whether it be prettier, skinnier, better body, or just downright NICE to him. Now before y'all start yelling naw Nikki that's not right, please know I've gotten my information from men I knew had sidechics either in the past or in the present. With all of that being said, if he's getting all of that, he's going to do what he has to in order to keep her continuing the side chic business. Give her an allowance, pay a bill or two, buy her things, take her on trips that he pays for. Most men (not all) know that these are the rules for having an extra.
And this is very appealing to a woman that's been hurt badly in the past, or just got out of a relationship and wants companionship but no commitment. No one to answer to or explain herself too. Taking a break from the dating game but having somewhere there she knows she can count on. But here's the thing, if a woman takes the risk of being a side chic, she has to understand two things. 1 - that man will never be hers. 2 - if he somehow becomes hers, the main chic position is filled but guess what, there's a new position open. So can she really trust that he won't do to her what he did to the other? He may not, but the chances that he will are very high.
So for a woman that's content with living her life, not being in a relationship but getting some of the benefits, this situation is perfect for her. And besides, she still has the door open for that right man to find her. Because if she's smart, there is no attachment to this married man other than the arrangement that they have. And can easily walk away when the time comes. But we all know shit happens, and feelings may get involved. This is when she has a decision to make. End it, or don't.
Now people, please don't think I'm condoning this behavior. But I do understand it. I hear people say all the time that a woman must have low self esteem or doesn't value her worth when she chooses to sleep with a married man, but it's almost the norm for a married man to be cheating and no one bats an eye. Besides, women get a bad wrap for damn near anything they do that's not considered "lady like." But that is so not the case for some. For some, they don't even know he's married. And for those that know and do it anyway, well, those women just don't care. She'd rather reap the benefits of a married man, instead of dealing with the negative that's lying and cheating to her. Again, I don't condone, but I do understand.
~Nikki J~

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