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With Nikki Jackson
Monday, January 23, 2017 3:36 PM

Some Men Are Clueless When It Comes To Oral Sex

By: Nikki Jackson

I was asked the other day how do you let a man know he's not quite completing the task when it comes to oral sex? That's a really good question because I, as well as I'm sure thousands of women, have came across that one dude that didn't know what the objective of oral sex is. Yea sure it's to make her feel good, but the one thing some guys are clueless about is....the objective is to make her have an orgasm! It always has been. Now, some men may be reading this and think, "well, shouldn't the objective be to give me one when she gives me oral?" That would be a no. And here's why; woman can and will have a clitoric orgasm and still be ready to put it down. A man has an orgasm (oral or by penetration), and he needs a minute. More like 15-30, depending on his age. And don't some of y'all get all brand new and act like you're ready in 10 minutes because you're lying.
But to be fair, I believe this applies to the younger generation, or men that are very well endowed, not you old cats that's been "going down" for awhile. And I say well endowed only because I've came across one or two that felt like since he was hung like a horse, he could give the D and the chic would be cool. Boy bye! The more experienced man knows that an oral orgasm is so different than a vaginal orgasm. The feeling is different. And MOST men want to give as many as he can however he can. No matter how big his package is.
So, how can you let a guy know he's not getting the job done? Well ladies, if you have that guy that thinks 2-5 minutes of licking is enough to satisfy you, just simply ask him; what's your objective when you go down there? He honestly may not know. He may think it's to get you turned on just enough to be ready for penetration. And fellas let me tell you, it can be pretty frustrating to a woman for you to go down there, get here almost there, and then because YOU'RE ready, stop pleasing her to please yourself. Go down there and set up camp hell, she won't mind! Now if you feel like all you have in you to be down there is a good 10 minutes at best, then please save it. Don't even bother because clearly you have no clue on what you're doing. Head game, as the men call it, is just as important to a woman as it is to a man. For women that love oral, she will bore pretty quickly with just the D. And you don't want someone else's mouth down there, now do you??
~Nikki J~
*I speak from failure and experience*