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With Nikki Jackson
Thursday, July 07, 2016 6:47 AM

When Will Our Black Men Be Able To Stand Up And Have A Voice

By: Nikki Jackson

As the mother of a black son, I fear the day he runs into the wrong white cop. A cop that's angry, had a bad day, or hates that his young white daughter can't stay away from our young black men. As the mother of a black son, I worry that he will never have a voice when it comes to dealing with a racist white cop. When will our black men be able to stand up and have a voice? Not to be irate and disrespectful, but to ask a simple question of, "what did I do?", "why are you harassing me?", "why was I pulled over?". Simple questions everyone has a right to know, but questions a black man dare not ask. Black men are taught, even before our time, you respect the law, don't ask questions, and do as you're told. It's what's needed to save your life. As to where our counterparts (white men) have been caught on video and such t.v. shows as Cops, being blatantly and purposely disrespectful. Talking back, as the old folks say. Not giving a rats ass about a taser, a gun, or going to jail. They taunt and tease until the cop DECIDES he's had enough and arrest the guy. Or they give chase and then politely tackles and handcuffs. We all know the same rules don't apply for a black man, or woman, for that matter. Freddy Gray, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, Sandra Bland, and soooo many more we don't even know about. I want our black men to have a voice. To be able to stand up for themselves without getting tased or shot. A white man in a cop's uniform is more relevant than a black man with a voice, because a black man with a voice is an angry black man. Let the story go, he's loud, aggressive, and failing to do whatever it is the police feels he should do. Oh yea, he's being uncooperative because he refuses to get out of the car. Refuses to get on his knees and put his hands behind his head. Refuses to be bullied unnecessarily and with no just cause. Yes, I said bullied. White policeman bully black men because they know they have them afraid. Scared of the outcome. Scared of having to put their mother through the tragedy of burying them. Immediately we as black people tense up when we see a white officer. Now I am by no means blaming or pointing fingers at all white police. And I'm sure there are a handful of good, decent, non-racist, do the right thing cops. Some may even be embarrassed at how their "brothers" are behaving. But like the saying goes, one bad apple ruins it for the whole bunch. So guess what, all black men are profiled to be and act a certain way, well all white cops are profiled to be racist, angry, and ready to shoot before they even know what you did. These are lives being taken. This isn't t.v. These people don't get to come back when someone yells CUT!
As the mother of a black son, I feel for the mothers that have lost their boys to this unforgiving, cruel world we live in. Racism has been here for many many years, and it's not going to change. I pray that it does, as I pray for mothers raising young black men that have the same fear that I do. Instead of hanging our black men, they're shooting them under the umbrella of the law and calling it justified. Even when we have live video footage of the incident, white police are not being held accountable or found guilty, because a racist white cop can hide behind a "protect and serve" uniform. Rodney King was beat down by four white policeman, and not one was found guilty. Not ONE. They act like we don't have a right to be angry. We are ANGRY that our sons, fathers, uncles, brothers, and cousins are being taken away from us.
~Nikki J~

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