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With Nikki Jackson
Saturday, June 10, 2017 3:34 PM

My Review of The Mummy

By: Nikki Jackson

This film is the first in a planned series of high profile, high-budget stories featuring big stars, big stunts, and big special effects, set in what Universal has dubbed The Dark Universe. So, get ready for an Avengers/Justice League-style series of partnerships and cross-overs.
First up, The Mummy. This mummy is female. Her name is Ahmanet. She was once in line to become ruler of the kingdom of ancient Egypt and be worshipped as a god. But when her father had a son, he became heir to the throne. Enraged, she murdered her father, the baby boy and his mother, and traded her soul for power of life and death. Although she couldn't die, she could be stopped with a mercury solution. Once captured, she was placed in a tomb where she would spend thousands of years trapped in darkness, until an American soldier named Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and his nitwit sidekick Chris (Jake Johnson) come along to release her and her curse on the world.
After recovering the tomb, archeologist Jenny wants to take it back to London for further study. But things go horribly wrong during the military flight, and in what proves to be the film’s best action scene, the reawakened Ahmanet poisons and zombifies Chris, causes the military plane to crash, and then resurrects Nick with specific plans to stab him with a magical dagger in her ritual to become a god.
Once free, Ahmanet sucks the life out of crash scene investigators, restoring her own flesh even as she turns them into what could only be called zombies whom she controls to serve her.
It seems the only one who can stop Ahmanet and keep Jenny from being in danger is Nick, and he does so in a way you won't see coming.
Although I enjoyed the movie, you won't leave the theater feeling like you saw a good film. It kind of drags in storyline but picks up in certain scenes like Russel Crowe's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (look for that in theaters soon). It's not a terrible movie, but it's not a great movie either. There's some decent action scenes with some clever gimmicks thrown in. But nothing interesting really happens to cause that "wow" factor.
I give it a 6.