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With Nikki Jackson
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 12:50 PM

The Role Of A Stay At Home Wife/Mother

By: Nikki Jackson

The role of a stay at home wife/mother
Many women tend to get excited at the thought of being a stay at home wife and mother. And for good reason. There can be some great benefits to it. But there can also be some downsides too. One in particular is HE has all control over finances and everything you do pertaining to money. You have no income coming in nor do you get up and go anywhere every morning, so why should you get a new pair of shoes every other week, or go buy 1, 2, 3 outfits just because. You have absolutely no say in how the money is spent. You are 100% dependent on him. I've seen this situation first hand. I have a cousin who's husband makes all the money and pays all the bills. And I've watched her run back and forth, fetching one thing after another for him because his attitude is "I work, I pay the bills, I take care of the house, anything I need you damn well better do it." I remember asking the simplest question one day, "what cable provider do you have?". Her response, "oh I don't, he pays for it so he chose it." Huh? Now I know many women have no problem giving their spouse total control over them and everything they do, I'm just not that woman!
But there's also a downside for men. He's got a lot of pressure being the only provider. EVERYTHING falls on him. Anything wifey or the kids need, he's got to buy it. Ladies this goes for everything from that new panty and bra set you've had your eye on, to the hair products and tampons you need every month. With you being a stay at home wife and mother, there's no daycare fees or after school programs to pay for, but that's just a small relief for him. Common complaints some men may have about their stay at home wife are:
1. She's home all day, but yet the house is still a mess.
2. She's home all day, why can't she cook everyday.
3. She's home all day, but yet is STILL too tired for sex at night.
4. She's on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat all day.
5. She's let herself go. Not concerned with doing her hair, makeup, working out, taking care of herself, or dressing nice anymore.

I don't think all options are considered when a woman decides to not work, and he decides to be the sole bread winner. Of course, if he's the CEO of a top fortune 500 company making $500k a year, by all means, he can afford it and more than likely will insist you stay home and take of the house and kids. Have a nice meal on the table when he gets home, his favorite beverage chilling on ice and his "comfy" clothes laid out so he can get his relax on (that totally sounded like a Lifetime movie). But if he's the average working Joe making less than$100k a year, believe me y'all need that extra income in order to have the lifestyle you want.
Common complaints some stay at home wives may have are:
1. They get lonely and bored. Especially when the kids get older and go off to school.
2. They sometimes feel underappreciated.
3. They don't have the luxury of shopping (refer to paragraph 1) because all money is accounted for and that's not a necessity.
4. They never have any "mommy" time. They never get a break to just...relax.
5. They're EXPECTED to have a clean house, cook everyday, look nice for hubby when he gets home AND have sex every night because well..., he's been at work all day, it's the least she could do.

I could go on and on about the pros and cons of a SAHM, but you guys get the gist. Ladies if you make the decision to do it, do you really have the right to complain? And fellas if you want her to do it, does that really give you the right to dictate the money? I know MANY men will feel yes, it does. He's making it, why not. And the ladies may feel like she's not his child, she shouldn't be controlled and have to ask to buy this or that. But hey, this is the role of a stay at home wife/mother. And I'd have to agree. If you're staying home all day, you should be doing and providing whatever your working man needs. Cook for him. Clean for him. And yes, give that man sex when he wants it. You know your lane. Don't like it, move over to the express lanes, where all the independent women are :-) 
~Nikki J~
*I speak from failure and experience* 

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