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With Nikki Jackson
Monday, August 15, 2016 12:16 PM

Why Do Women Cheat ?

By: Nikki Jackson

I always post or write about men cheating, but never really gave a perspective on why women cheat. So I'm sure the male readers will love this, as some may think I "man bash" and only point out that men cheat and not women. Well, in MY opinion, I do believe that men cheat more than women, but I'm not oblivious to the fact that women do it as well. Each gender will have very different reasons on why they cheat. Believe it or not, women aren't the only ones that don't give sex to their spouse. Men do it too. I talked to a young lady that cheated for years on her man, and I asked her why. She said because he wouldn't have sex with me the way I wanted or as often as I wanted. Now this woman loved him and had no intentions on ever leaving him. But according to her, he wasn't as freaky, adventurous, spontaneous, or as sex driven as her, so she stepped out on occasion to find it elsewhere.
So, here's my list of reasons on why women cheat (you might be surprised)

Reason #1. Emotional fulfillment. Women have affairs when the relationship is not addressing their needs, And often times the person they're cheating with can be very similar to their partner. Women crave emotional connection.They lust for intimacy and stability, while men are like uncontrolled animals, howling or beating their chest whenever a cute girl crosses their path and shows the slightest attention.Men pursue sex, as where women cheat in the pursuit of appreciation. A woman's love is like a plant: If you stop watering it, placing it in a sunny window, plucking off its dead leaves, and talking to it in a low pleasant voice, the plant will die … or it will start entertaining those Facebook messages.

Reason #2. Every now and again, a woman will cheat simply because she wants to and she can. Her man may be the best thing since sliced bread. A hard worker, loving, financially takes care of the household. A good man. The same way that that has no bearings on men cheating, is the same for women. You see, it's always said that men like the "new new". Well, so do women. The only difference is women don't actively seek the new new. And when I say this y'all please don't get upset, but some men actively seek and pursue (as noted in reason #1). I feel women are more afraid of getting caught and what the reaction of her man may be, more so than men are. Men know women will cry, we'll go silent, we'll cry again, ask why, what's her name how did you meet do you love her and for how long did it go on. Men want to physically hurt someone. Her, him, or both.

Reason #3. Out of retaliation for him cheating. Wanting to make him feel the pain she's feeling. In this situation, she won't care if he finds out, because that's the goal. To hurt him on purpose. Y'all know the saying...there's nothing like a woman scorned.

Reason #4. For companionship. She has the husband that always works, never takes her out, never pays her any attention, never compliments her. So guess what, when she gets it from an outside source, it's welcoming. She may not even want to have sex with this other person, but the attention he's giving her, making her feel like a woman and not a WIFE, can be overwhelming and well, it happens.

Reason #5. The excitement of doing something she knows is forbidden. There's a certain high that comes from experiencing a sexual experience with someone that's not your partner. I would imagine men felt the same way. Even if you are entirely smitten with your partner, even if you have no intention of ever cheating, there is nothing more seductive than potential and the new (as noted in reason #2)

Reason #6 Because the sex just ain't cutting it anymore. I know men may hate to hear this, but if you're still doing the same old foreplay, the same old moves, the same old "touch on the thigh and think she should be ready" type mess, you're woman is more than likely laying there with her eyes rolled to the back of her head, trying to figure out if she got everything she needed on her grocery list and what is she going to wear to work in the morning. Sorry to say, but fellas, you get boring too.
Spice it up a little. Treat her like you did when you were dating and trying to impress to get the drawz. Don't just get them, know how to keep them. 
~~Nikki J~~
*I speak from failure and experience*

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