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Monday, February 13, 2017 5:13 PM

Cheesesteak's with a Local Twist!

By: You People Reviews

The Cheesesteak House

I'm sure we would all love the freedom to fly up to Philly anytime we felt like it to get an all authentic Philly Cheesesteak, but for Dallasites our next best bet is 'The Cheesesteak House', an off the wall local mom and pop shop with tons of tasty variations of the infamous philly cheesesteak. The Cheesesteak House offers everything from the original standard philly cheesesteak with sliced ribeye, onion, all slathered in cheese to the unordinary cheesesteak with shrimp, chicken and all of the toppings you can ever think of, simply heavenly!

We quickly devoured our savory cheesesteaks topped off with a few of their signature sauces, the Mayotle Sauce and Joel's Special Sauce which complimented the cheesesteaks very well but they definitely did not need it. Our taste buds were immediately maxed out and we wanted more! This was our first time trying The Cheesesteak House at the Garland location and we also heard good things about their second location in Dallas. Next time, we're taking the whole menu!