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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 6:04 PM

A Breathe of Fresh Air in Uptown Dallas Nightlife: TBD

By: You People Reviews

A Breathe of Fresh Air in Uptown Dallas Nightlife: TBD

We noticed TBD in passing one night while perusing through Uptown Dallas as we’re sure many of “You People” have done before. It seemed interesting from the outside looking in so we made plans to check it out. During the day TBD is a stylish eatery but transforms into an upscale lounge by night pumping out top 40, hip hop, and EDM tunes. We liked that TBD is located off of the main Uptown Dallas bar and lounge beaten path. The crowd was also rather diverse, which was cool. We noticed what looked to be a birthday party with a reserved section and bottle service, a few night on the town dates, some club hoppers, and some folks just looking to have a good time at a cool lounge. At first glance I would say the dress code would be dressy, however; we would more accurately describe it as stylishly fashion forward. We noticed a few ball caps and sneakers but put together in a very fashionable manner. We would say the dress paralleled that of what you would find in an LA club or lounge, more stylish than strict.

The venue is small but used its space wisely. There are two bars, one inside the actual lounge and one on the patio, there is extra seating on the patio as well. Drink prices are not bad for an uptown lounge, $8 for a Jack & Coke, and the bartenders are fast which is a strong plus. We enjoyed our time at TBD the only real issue we found with TBD was its lack of staying power. As we arrived around 11 pm the place was buzzing, picking up steam, and filling up. Not long after 12 am patrons began to file out. The Lounge just didn’t have that “umph” to take it over the top that night, not to say that it wasn’t just an off night. TBD definitely has the potential to make for a great night. So “You People” put on your dancing shoes and head out to TBD and let us know what you think in the comments section.