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You People Reviews: Eat. Play. Stay. Hang.

With You People Reviews
Monday, June 27, 2016 6:00 PM

We're Magic & Henry's Majestic

By: You People Reviews

Henry’s Majestic definitely lives up to its name, it is indeed, Majestic. Henry’s is the perfect combination of bar, lounge, and restaurant. Sometimes you may head to a bar knowing that you may have to sacrifice the quality of food because you know the drinks are on point, you’re not in the mood for a stuffy “sit down” meal, or it’s just your go-to hang out spot. When visiting Henry’s “You People” do not have to sacrifice anything. The drinks are exquisitely made, the food is delectable, and the atmosphere is chic yet socially inviting. Henry’s simply has it all, if your looking for a hangout they’ve got you covered, literally. The covered and heated patio is equipped with a bar, large TVs and pool table. During our visit the patio was popping! There are two bars on the inside of Henry’s for those looking to chill and maybe catch a major sporting event or meet up with a few friends. To round it out Henry’s Majestic also has a dining area that would be perfect for a group dinner or even a one-on-one date night. We don’t say this often, but Henry’s got it, we are extremely impressed and cannot point out any drawbacks. Please, “You People”, do yourselves a favor and check out Henry’s Majestic. Once you’ve had the chance to be engulfed in the Majesty report back to us and let us know what you think.