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Wednesday, June 15, 2016 1:35 PM

Best Beer in Dallas?

By: You People Reviews

Strangeways is a pretty cool low-key, what some would call, "dive bar" in the Greenville area. By many accounts Strangeways is said to have the best selection and best tasting beer in Dallas. We've been to Strangeways ourselves and we definitely enjoyed our time there. The bar has a laid back environment and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. It's a bit of a hidden gem in Dallas, not many folks have jumped on the Strangeways bandwagon as of yet. The beer selection is out of this world, the food is equally awesome, and the chill vibe makes Strangeways the perfect spot to hangout and have drinks. 

Join us this Friday as we host 'The Friday Pregame' at Strangeways from 6PM-10PM. The Friday Pregame is our Happy Hour Series, in which we, a few Fridays out of the month, invite "You People" out with us to visit and enjoy the coolest happy hour venues in Dallas. Check out the following link to register for The Friday Pregame for free and lock in your seat to receive Extended Happy Hour prices during The Friday Pregame at Strangeways: StrangeTFP.eventbrite.com