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With April Nicole
Sunday, November 01, 2015 8:36 PM

FRENEMIES: It's Levels to This

By: April Nicole

I’m not sure when this oxymoron emerged into the English language but I wish that it would be dispelled as subtly as it came. Two words that have completely opposite meanings have been combined to create a definition of an individual that we should “accept” with conditions.  I would compare this to playing  Russian Roulette myself,  however plastered as an example on every reality show is this dynamic.


The Urban Dictionary defines a frenemy as “an enemy disguised as a friend” 

I caught myself indulging in ratchet T V aka LHHH this past weekend and despite the most popular storyline of the gay rapper coming out I found myself more interested in the “frenemy-ship” between Teairra Marie and Princess. If you have never watched the show Princess is the current girlfriend of Ray J and Teairra Marie is the EX-girlfriend that recently befriended Princess. Teairra pretended to have compassion towards Princess and her woes with Ray J then of course she revealed all of the information that was discussed later with him: A guaranteed tale of betrayal.


I tried to find compassion for Princess but I couldn’t muster up one iota of cares to give. Why would a woman allow another woman to befriend her and then go so far as to confide in her TRUSTING that she would reciprocate something that she did not possess? 


The definition of friendship has become a blurred line and now we are creating new titles to solidify dysfunctional behavior. Whatever happened to loyalty, trust, and respect? The days when a man was off limits if a friend had even shown interest in him? #Non-existent.


As the Urban Dictionary gives it’s example of a sentence to pair with the definition it states “to keep your friends close but your enemies closer” but if we are combining the two how will we know one from the other? #FriendOrFoe