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With April Nicole
Wednesday, November 11, 2015 10:58 PM

While You Were Sleeping LegnA Media Was Born: Meet Shamar Willis

By: April Nicole

Scorching heat in the dead of summer swept me into the Dallas Entrepreneur Center to cover a story. I was eager to see the panel line-up for the event Moguls in the Making which consisted of several duly noted heavy hitters in the game. The event was informative and unique. It was just quaint enough to network yet occupied enough to be considered a success.

Only a few months later I found myself traveling 30 miles in what seemed to be a monsoon to attend Ludafrisco-a concert held at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, TX that featured rapper Ludacris but most importantly shed the spotlight on upcoming local artists PBZE and Shy Speaks. All of the artists had their own arrangements and styles which kept the multi-cultural crowd engaged. A very different scene for the city and its surrounding areas. I had to know who was behind this mastery.

An Oak Cliff native that was born with a love for music and a creative spirit took a leap of faith and ignited a company-LegnA Media. Shamar Willis, who is trailblazing the Dallas scene has taken the opportunity to meet a need for unity amongst the communities.

To define him would be to confine a gift that cannot be limited. His love for God and people overrides his drive for monetary gain. His message is portrayed through his integral approach to bring entertainment and connect people on levels from different walks of life.

His dreams are coming into fruition more rapidly than he could have imagined thus he relies on his team that he has hand-picked to also grab hold of his vision-To reach dimensions that have not previously been attained.

What’s next for Mr. Willis and LegnA Media? Join the party November 29, 2015 as they bring Young Jeezy to town to perform live at Gas Monkey Live on Thanksgiving Weekend and several opening acts. More importantly keep your eyes on the “Diddy of Dallas

AngeL spelled backwards….what a befitting name for a movement that was birthed by a man who is not far from angelic himself.

For more information about LegnA Media, Shamar Willis or any events visit their website:

IG: @Shamar_atlas
IG: @legnamedia