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    By: John Patrick Adams

    A Few Things I Know For Sure

    The “Naked” Truth
    By: Nikki Jackson

    Let's Talk

    I will discuss love, sex, and everything in between. That covers a lot of ground so hold on tight because we're about to have a wild ride!
    By: April Nicole

    Spice of Lyfe: Y O U.....TRANSFORMED

    Exploring our feminine dimensions with a twist of controversy while delivering an inspirational message. Ladies Listen up! We have a lot to discuss...
    By: You People Reviews

    You People Reviews: Eat. Play. Stay. Hang.

    We strive to provide "You People" with the inside scoop on all of the best places to EAT, PLAY, STAY, and HANG across the Dallas-Metroplex. Have any of "You People" been in the Dallas area and found yourself tired of frequenting the same places to dine, to have fun, to lay your head, or to simply hang out? If so, look no further! We will evaluate all the major, new, and exclusive social and entertainment players in the game and bring the results right back to you.
    By: Carlos Harleaux

    Bump It or Dump It?

    Reviews and discussions on the hottest, worst and most slept on artists, songs and albums in music.
    By: Tara Deming

    Living Big in The Big D

    Everything Real Estate from a Industry Insider.
    By: K Joi Johnson

    Roots to the Soul

    The Evolution of Success, Accepting Myself, Learning to Forgive, and The Power of Strongholds, only to name a few. I hope you will join me in my journey and share your stories as well.
    By: Tee L. Mayfield


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