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House Of Faith Church Of Nations International

Non - Denominational

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Bishop Dexster Speller and Co-Pastor Demosha Speller welcome you to "House of Faith Church of Nations International" (HOFCONI). We are pleased that you have chosen to visit our web site, and delighted to introduce you to our church and our beliefs. Our fervent prayer for you today is that no matter where you are in life or whatever your situation, you find encouragement, inspiration and love at the House of Faith Church of Nations International. Our Ultimate Intention Honoring God with our lives is our ultimate intention and therefore we make it our sole purpose to bring God to families and individuals, as we strengthen each person’s faith in God. It is therefore the intention of House of Faith Church of Nations International to minister life, hope and love to everyone who needs and desires spiritual support. We believe the greatest power in the world is the Love of God, for with God we are able to be what He has intended both within and without. We invite you to attend our services and gatherings where you will personally experience the love of God and the power of faith. About Our Ministry Our ministry is a unique ministry. One that is shared with a diverse group of people and one that offers a unique worship experience. It is a ministry that moves strictly under the direction of God and has as its vision the intention “to move people and to build lives”. Given that we are entirely focused on the things of God, our mission is to live holy and acceptable lives, being examples to all, at all times and representing the love of God in everything we do and say. House of Faith Church of Nations International is a place where the love of God flows and the intention is always "Heaven Bound." Our belief is that God loves you, we love you and we welcome you into our ministry with open arms! Our Vision: Paramount to our ministry is our vision, which is to help every soul come into possession of their God given victory both inwardly, as well as outwardly, and to help each soul become all that God has ordained for them.


909 W. Spring Creek Pkwy, Suite 350 Plano Texas, 75095
Phone: (972) 517-7999