Dallasblack.com: Video appears to show Fort Worth, Texas police shooting Black man as he walks away [GRAPHIC VIDEO]


Thursday, December 29, 2016 12:32 PM

Video appears to show Fort Worth, Texas police shooting Black man as he walks away [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

By: Monya Fleming

Video appears to show Fort Worth, Texas police shooting Black man as he walks away [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Video Of Fort Worth Police Officer Shooting Unarmed David Collie In The Back Released [VIDEO]

David Collie, a man shot by Fort Worth police in July, has released a video of his shooting through his attorney Nate Washington. Collie was reportedly racially profiled after a man fitting his description had committed robbed someone at gunpoint. A dashcam video shows Collie being shot in the back and is now left paralyzed.

Back in July, Collie was walking near his apartment complex when police officers pulled up in a squad car and approached him. Collie did not run, but was shot in the back within seconds of seeing the officers. The officers were about 30 feet away and had just announced their presence.

Collie spent 61 hospitalized and handcuffed to the bed as  he recovered from being shot in the spine. David was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Police have claimed that Collie fit the description of a man who had just robbed someone at gunpoint at a completely different location. That man was also black with his shirt off, but that could fit just about anyone walking around in July in Texas. 

The officers have claimed that when they approached Collie that he turned toward them and threatened them with a silver object that they believed to be the gun used in the robbery. Officers stated that Collie refused to engage with the officers and walked away without putting his hands in the air as they had instructed. They also claim that Collie pulled out a silver box cutter and threatened the deputy sheriff, which prompted the other officer to shoot Collie in the back.

The newly-released dash camera footage appears to tell a very different story. Collie did not have a gun and he is not shown pointing any objects or threatening the officers. Collie was initially charged with aggravated assault on a public servant, which was why he was then kept handcuffed to a bed while he recovered from his injury.

Authorities later claimed that they found a box cutter at least 10 feet away from Collie's body after the shooting, but that object was not seen at any point in the video. No charges were ever filed against Collie in the armed robbery from earlier that night either.

Collie's attorney, Nate Washington, said at Tuesday's press conference that the entire police account is fictitious and that Collie never had a box cutter and never pointed anything at police or threatened them in any way whatsoever.

Washington stated, "I wasn't there that night. I do know what I saw. I know I never saw this man with a weapon. I never saw this man advance toward the officers. I know I saw him get shot in his back," Washington said.two officers involved were both off duty the night of the shooting. Not only that, but they weren't even from the same departments. One was from the Fort Worth Police Department and the other was from the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office. What does "off-duty" even mean if they are going to approach and shoot a man like this?"

Fort Worth Police Department posted a message about the release of the video. 

They stated, "Our Public Relations Office has been actively pursuing our social media as a way to promote our police department in a positive light. We inform and educate our citizens and with many great strides, try to find ways to humanize our profession and stand out as one of the best police departments in the nation. For the most part, we are succeeding at this.

"For us to recognize and appreciate all of the good things we receive through social media, but to ignore all of the bad things would make us hypocrites. We saw what you saw. We heard what you heard. We have received your phone calls, your emails, your message, your tweets, your reviews, your absolute concern over what occurred and your demand for answers and action. WE DO HEAR YOU!

"In order to abide by state law, there is a process that we have to follow for the fairness of all the parties involved. Once the investigation has concluded, we will provide you with the results."

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