Dallasblack.com: WATCH: Woman Reports White Man Choked Her Son; Police Assault & Arrest Her Instead


Thursday, December 22, 2016 2:14 PM

WATCH: Woman Reports White Man Choked Her Son; Police Assault & Arrest Her Instead

By: Monya Fleming

WATCH: Woman Reports White Man Choked Her Son; Police Assault & Arrest Her Instead

Texas Mother & Daughter Arrested After Reporting Abuse Of 7-Year-Old Child [VIDEO]

What is this world coming to? A Fort Worth, Texas mother named Jacqueline Craig, 46, called police after her 7-year-old son had been choked by an adult white male. The incident was filmed by one of her teenage daughters as Craig calmly explained to the police officer what her neighbor had done to her son.

Craig stated that the man had confronted her son because the boy threw a piece of paper on the ground. Craig says the man should have come to her instead of :putting your hands on my son."

She continues to tell the officer that the man then choked her son before the officer asks her, "why don't you teach your son not to litter?" 

The woman begins to get upset but tries to keep it together as she explains, "It doesn't matter if he did or didn't. It doesn't give him the right to put his hands on him." The officer answers, "Why not?"

Wow! So this officer thinks it's fine to choke someone that litters? And this is even a child?

Jacqueline then begins getting angry over the way the officer is behaving, but he basically proceeds to tell her that if she keeps yelling that she is going to piss him off and he'll take her to jail. 

Jacqueline's teenage daughter then steps in front of her mother to try and calm her down and separate her from the officer. That is when things really went crazy. The officer grabbed Craig’s teenage daughter and a tussle ensued. The cop threw Jacqueline to the ground and drew his taser as he handcuffed her. He threatened to tase the scared teenager that was screaming.

The officer then turns his attention to the woman recording the incident, and runs at her, knocking the camera out of her hand and telling her, "you’re going to jail too."

Please note: Video is NSFW with offensive language

The video quickly spread on social media from an incident that reportedly took place Dec. 21. Fort Worth police posted on Facebook that it is aware of the video and Internal Affairs is investigating. 

"I cannot and will not speculate as to what happened during this video," Sgt. Marc Povero with FWPD said in an email.

"I do not have all the facts that the officer had at the time. If one of the people involved files a written complaint then our Internal Affairs investigators will conduct a thorough investigation. If it is determined that the officer violated department policy, then he will be disciplined according to department and/or state civil service guidelines."

Family members identified the mother as Jacqueline Craig, 46, and her daughter Brea Hymond, 19. They are both listed on the Mansfield Jail's website as being booked on charges of resisting arrest search or transport.

Attorney Lee Merritt tweeted that he was representing the two and had visited them at the Mansfield jail where they are being held on charges that included resisting and interference, he said. He added the officer is under investigation – which the two cooperated with – and will be given 48 hours to prepare a statement and consult an attorney.

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