Dallasblack.com: 1st Candidate for "WORST Mother of 2017!" You Would Never Guess What This Woman Did to her twin infants…


Wednesday, January 04, 2017 10:06 PM

1st Candidate for "WORST Mother of 2017!" You Would Never Guess What This Woman Did to her twin infants…

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

1st Candidate for "WORST Mother of 2017!" You Would Never Guess What This Woman Did to her twin infants…

Mother Hides Information on Her Twins Who Have Been Missing for 10 Years [DETAILS]

Ugh. Brace yourself for a seriously depressing story. Sorry in advance for dampening your mood. 

Ten years ago, a pair of fraternal twins (Ivon and Inisha) disappeared. And thus sparked a strange and twisted chain of events. And b*lllshit. Lots and lots of b*llshit. 

Their mother, Patricia Fowler, has since spun lie after lie about the circumstances surrounding her children’s mysterious departure. Incredibly shady stuff, obviously.


The pair vanished inexplicably and….no follow-up clues really emerged. When pressed about the whereabouts of her kids by police officers, Patricia made up names and addresses, claiming that the twins were being cared for by imaginary individuals. Needless to say, these false declarations were soon disproved, with Patricia admitting that she had been dishonest.

This investigation first began in June of last year, after Allegheny county caseworkers asked police officers for assistance in removing four children from Fowler’s home and subsequently discovered that no one seemed to know where Ivon and Inisha were.

To date, Patricia has claimed that the twins lived with an aunt in South Carolina, that they lived with a high school friend of hers, among other fake statements. She even has stated that she sold them to a man she met named Mike for $2,000 each. Jesus Christ. Let’s take a minute to contemplate just how utterly disgusting and abhorrent this is.

Patricia even enlisted the help of her 19-year-old son Datwon in order to impersonate the missing Ivon. We have no words…

Datwon did tell investigators that he remembered that Ivon went missing before Inisha did, though no one dishing up details in this case seems to be super trustworthy or reliable. Poor kids. Wherever they are, we hope they are experiencing peace. We can’t imagine that their lives, even before this all began, was all too happy. 

Unlike our normal gossip fodder, reporting on this tale does not fill us with glee, annoyance or joy; this one is genuinely heart-breaking. 

Please feel free to spread the word about this on social media; you never know what truths doing so might help turn up. 

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