Dallasblack.com: Chris Brown Talks Moving Past Domestic Violence Past With Rihanna


Friday, February 17, 2017 8:16 AM

Chris Brown Talks Moving Past Domestic Violence Past With Rihanna

By: Monya Fleming

Chris Brown Talks Moving Past Domestic Violence Past With Rihanna
Chris Brown has moved on from his assault case with Rihanna and hopes his critics will too. The singer realizes he will never be completely free from the stigma after attacking Rihanna, but he is also tired of apologizing for his past mistakes. 

In a recent interview, Breezy stated, "I feel like my opinions vocally can be misconstrued but you can’t ever deny the talent or the music that comes behind it. I would rather withdraw on trying to prove myself or apologize for a mistake I made when I was 17. I’m 27. That’s 10 years ago. I’m pretty sure 10 years ago, you might have done some s–t where you were like, ‘Damn, I’m a bigger person.'"

In February 2009, the singer attacked then-girlfriend RiRi after a pre-Grammy awards party in Los Angeles. He was sentenced to community service, a probation order and a five-year restraining order after pleading no contest to the assault charges in court later that year.

Brown adds, "Nobody wants to have that stigma for the rest of their life but in retrospect I could give a f–k about that stigma at the end of the day. I know my positive lane, I know my positive objective. That’s why my music has always transcended as well as the fashion."

Brown adds, "I think the Rihanna situation happened 10 years ago so you guys are stuck in the past. I can easily call Flash from “Justice League” and he probably can take y’all back through time and you can figure that out. For me, I’m only about moving forward."

Chris believes people enjoy negative press about him and don't appear to care if the stories are even true.

Brown stated, "When people see Chris Brown headlines, they’re looking for negative press or a negative story because we live in a world now where yellow journalism sells. Because if you sell that first, they’re not caring about the truth. Right now my priorities are more focused. I’m more in tune and inclined with what I want to do as an adult, a musician, an entrepreneur, fashion designer, a creator — I just want to be able to exploit every one of my artistic abilities."

Brown began his first clothing line in 2002 with his aunt Christine in the garage of her Virginia home. Now, 18 months after hooking up with Michael Prendergast, chief executive officer of Maxima Apparel, a $100 million New York conglomerate that is Black Pyramid’s licensor, the label is sold in 350 to 400 stores including leading ones like Xhibition in Cleveland. 

Chris said of his Black Pyramid line, "“My brand is based on individuality, being your own person, self-awareness, enlightenment but also just being able to feel comfortable. Clothes are almost like a supersuit. It’s confidence. When somebody puts something on they feel good in, they feel confident, it feels nice. But it’s affordable. I’m not breaking pockets because I grew up in poverty, in the ghetto. I know what the struggle is. I used to live with 13 people in a trailer park trailer with a kerosene heater so fashion and stuff like that was kind of scarce."

Brown's documentary, "Welcome to My Life" will debut early next year and give a glimpse into the singer's life.

Chris stated, "As humans, we limit ourselves by insecurities whether it be the insecurities that are parents put on us because of their protective fears. They don’t want us to make the same mistakes that they did, or peer pressure from kids in college and school that you have to want to be accepted. Everyone is looking for acceptance or love — everybody.

"It’s on us as people to see past the blemish that people might put on other people whether they’re overweight, pretentious, cocky, arrogant, racist — whatever it is — all of that stems from fear. Everybody wants to be loved and accepted. My goal is to transcend that and show people, ‘They may break you down, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop. I’m sure Michael Jordan wasn’t the best when he started but he didn’t let the ‘no’s’ stop the ‘yes’ that was inside of him."

Brown continued, "When you tell yourself there’s stuff you can’t do, you’ve already defeated yourself because you allow yourself to believe in false imagination. Try it, and if you fail, ‘Cool!’ You understand what that failure is. Failure isn’t a failure because you’re learning from it. You get to prosper, grow, get to understand yourself more and then from there go back at it again…I don’t really need to be a role model but I would love to be an inspiration because good or bad, you learn something."

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