Dallasblack.com: Wow!!! I'm Sure Nobody Knew Adrienne Bailon was going through this for the last 5 years...


Sunday, January 03, 2016 3:00 PM

Wow!!! I'm Sure Nobody Knew Adrienne Bailon was going through this for the last 5 years...

By: Christopher Knowles

Wow!!! I'm Sure Nobody Knew Adrienne Bailon was going through this for the last 5 years...

Adrienne Bailon Breaks Down on the 'The Real' When Asked About Her Singing Career [WATCH]

Singing may look like a breeze but it can be serious business. The life looks amazing, the glamour, the spotlights, the stardom, all looks like it's comes with ease to singers. How hard can it be? VERY HARD!

The pressure of living up to expectations is something that is present in every field. The temperature of today's society has become so critical that every move you make is under a magnifying glass. You constantly have to worry about every project and move you make being bad public representation everywhere you go. Bad PR for celebrities, unlike regular people, can be career ending. Celebrities are their own brand, so when you sink so much effort into something and it fails, it can sink your entire ship you struggled to stay afloat. That thought alone can be so daunting on a celebrity, who are people too, with insecurities just like us.

Adrienne Bailon was kind enough to open up about how she's dealing with the entire singing situation and the amount of pressure she's facing. Adrienne went on The Real to read questions fans had for her. A little insight for those who may not know, Adrienne was a singer for the trio 3LW(3 little women) and also belonged to the performance group The Cheetah Girls. With accolades like that it's no guessing why she broke down on the show while reading a fan's question that read "You have an amazing voice, why are you hiding it from the world? Why are you not making music?"

Tears could be seen from Bailon's eyes causing the hosts Tamar and others feel empathy towards her. Bailon, in professions stride and not missing a beat, answered the fan's question she just read, stating "Umm, one, I'm scared to fail, so I've had this solo album people that I've been saying is coming out for the last five years," Bailon began, "I'm scared to fail, I don't like the sound of my own voice." "And that's honest. In 3LW, I probably enjoyed the music side more because it was like R&B, it was more of my thing, but I felt like in Cheetah Girls, they praised the fact that I sounded so young. And as a 30-year-old woman, sometimes I hear myself recordedand I still think I sound really young!

"But, for a long time I think when I finished Cheetah Girls, I got a record deal at Def Jam and it didn't go the way I thought it was gonna go. Like there was so much more to music than just what I love about music. I grew up singing in church. I sing everyday—nobody knows it, but I love to sing.

"I felt like the music business was different than when I got in the game at 16 years old. It was about music and talent and singing. And to step out on my own and let my voice be heard, I'm scared. Like what if people don't like it? Or what if it's not, I don't know...what if it's not successful? Like I almost have been saying I would rather it not come out and just say, 'Well it just never came out,' then for it come out and be wack."

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After delivering her powerful answer, Tamera offered some advice, she said:

"Adrienne, you're always the one telling me though, 'Never live your life with what ifs,' like, 'What if I did this or did that'? So would you ever want to live your life asking yourself, 'What if I never tried, I never went out there and did my own solo album!' You'll never know until you try it!"

To this Adrienne said, "It also felt like at a certain time when I was doing my music, every other door kept opening for me, but music."

In reply Tamar said, "Maybe the door has not been open for you because you're not ready and you'd be walking into it for all the wrong reasons."

The hosts concluded the dialogue by letting Adrienne know that she has their support.

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