Dallasblack.com: Tiny Responds To Criticism Of Why She Can't Just Quit T.I. Even Though He Cheated — Watch


Saturday, October 07, 2017 8:24 AM

Tiny Responds To Criticism Of Why She Can't Just Quit T.I. Even Though He Cheated — Watch

By: Monya Fleming

Tiny Responds To Criticism Of Why She Can't Just Quit T.I. Even Though He Cheated — Watch
Tiny Harris and T.I. have had a rough past year and the status of their marriage has been up in the air. In a new interview, Tiny explains why she has to give their love another shot.

Tiny filed for divorce last December but the divorce never appeared to proceed. Recent reports suggest that the couple are putting the divorce on the back burner and are trying to work things out. 

Harris sat down with Hot 97, explaining why she can't run from the rapper with their history and children together.  

Tiny reveals that they are trying to figure everything out, but they aren't quite ready to throw in the towel at this point.

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The Xscape singer explained, "I don't know. For us, I think that it's all in love. We just have a lot of love for each other. A lot of years in it too. It brings us back to being on a certain page that we just can't keep running from. We can run from it for a minute and be like, 'Ugh, I'm through with him. I don't care nothing 'bout it.' But then love comes back and I'm like, 'Let's co-parent. Let me talk to you about this.'"

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#TI and #Tiny are giving love another chance. The couple has decided to call off their divorce we’re rooting for them!

Tiny also addressed all the media attention surrounding their marriage, as well as fans weighing in with their two cents on social media.

The reality star said everyone else's opinions don't affect them or their decisions.

Tiny said, "I don't think I feel pressure. I think that whatever it's going to be is whatever it's going to be," she explained. 

"It's really what's going on with me and him. If we feel like we can deal with each other's craziness and still move forward and be better for us and our kids, then that's what it's gonna be."

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Tiny said they are still just trying to figure everything out in their relationship.

Tiny also went on to explain, "In reality, what is ever perfect...especially in a relationship. I have to look at our relationship. We both are in the public eye and both in the business. It's hard...especially as a male I think in the business. And when you're a sex symbol all the women want you..."

Harris adds that they are still fighting for their marriage.

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