Dallasblack.com: Bernice Burgos Is Still A Major Issue For T.I. & Tiny Despite Their Reconciliation — Report


Monday, September 11, 2017 7:38 AM

Bernice Burgos Is Still A Major Issue For T.I. & Tiny Despite Their Reconciliation — Report

By: Monya Fleming

Bernice Burgos Is Still A Major Issue For T.I. & Tiny Despite Their Reconciliation — Report
Tiny Harris is still dealing with her feelings about her estranged husband T.I.'s alleged side-chick, Bernice Burgos. Tiny is reportedly still haunted by Bernice being with her husband and is attempting to outdo her in every way.

Fans of T.I. and Tiny may recall the couple revealed on their reality show that the rapper had cheated on her. Tiny admitted Tip hooked up with a woman she had hired. Many believe that woman was Bernice, however that's never been confirmed. 

An insider has revealed that Tiny is still bothered by Bernice and feels she's still competition.  

The source said, "Even though Bernice [Burgos] is out of the picture, she’s still on Tiny‘s mind. Tiny checks up on her on social media and compares herself to her all the time. Tiny’s still haunted by Bernice — Bernice nearly destroyed her marriage, so just forgetting about her is not an option. Instead, she’s taking notes and making sure she outdoes Bernice. Sending T.I. sexy twerking videos is just part of it — she’s also checking Bernice’s style and how she poses for her selfies. Tiny’s not in total denial, she knows T.I. obviously had a huge attraction to Bernice and she wants to make sure she does it better than her. She’s all about proving to T.I. that she’s better for him in every way."

Tiny is taking a page out of Bernice's book and sending her own twerking videos to her estranged husband. A source said that Tiny's videos are so sexy that they put Bernice's "to shame."

Another source stated, "Tiny has some serious booty and unlike Bernice, her butt is all natural."

Bernice is the woman rumored to have caused the end of T.I. and Tiny's marriage. However, Tiny later revealed there were problems long before the Instagram model came into the picture. Of course, that didn't stop the cheating rumors from swirling.

Hmmmm allow me to ponder...🤔

Tiny and Bernice were at war last year over Tip, with Tiny referring to  Bernice as a "pass around [expletive]" on social media. 

Bernice responded to Tiny's comments with her own shade, but claims she commented because the backlash and rumors got to her. 

Bernice claims that she met with T.I. for business and that everything was a huge misunderstanding. 

Burgos was asked about clapping back at Tiny on social media. She said, "I was shocked with myself too, I'm very disappointed with what I did. I’m not saying I regret it but I learned by being on social media. Social media will sometimes put you in a place where you have to fight with people that you don't know. [I replied] because I was listening to social media."

The curvy model went on to address the rumors of a romance with Tip. She said, "It was only for business, I got introduced for a movie. People need to stop—just because I’m pretty, just because I’m a video vixen. Stop with this video vixen [expletive]."


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