Dallasblack.com: Did Beyoncé Just Tell Us the Adorable Names for Her Unborn Twins?


Wednesday, March 08, 2017 1:11 PM

Did Beyoncé Just Tell Us the Adorable Names for Her Unborn Twins?

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Did Beyoncé Just Tell Us the Adorable Names for Her Unborn Twins?
This time around, Beyoncé is pulling out all the stops when it comes to bragging about her soon-to-be-gracing-the-world-with-their-presence baby. Or babies, we should say. Because TWINS. 

She may have even hinted at their names in a recent Instagram post. Or so some are saying.

The video that sparked the speculation was a cute but corny (and somewhat off-“brand”, in our opinion) montage of photos, primarily shots of her donning a gorgeous green dress at that Oscars party she and Jay-Z attended a while back.

Her totally NOT deranged fans—hear that, BeyHive, we kept our comments about your craziness under wraps this time?!—are keeping their eyes super peeled and now many think that Bey and Jay-Z will be gifting their kids with the monikers after gemstones, thanks to the snaps of jewelry pieces. 

So, “Emerald & Ruby”? Hm. We actually have a hunch that she will be having a boy and a girl so we’d guess not. Unless they wanted to make waves with a non-traditional pick for their son, we guess. To be fair, “Blue Ivy” is a pretty damn unique name choice too.

Hm. We actually really think that Bey is too smart to spill the beans on baby names this early in the game. Yes, she will probably be weaving clues into her songs, social posts and style choices, but not YET. It’s still way too soon to make the kind of splash that she wants. 

Others feel that the stones aren’t veiled signs about the names of her future babies as much as they are indicators of her due date. One fan theorized that since the songstress has been “wearing green & emerald’s [sic] a lot because of the birthstone for May”, they “think she’s telling us that she’s giving birth in May!!”.

Math is hard, but that seems about right? Doesn’t it? We don’t really know anything about childbirth. 

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