Dallasblack.com: Rick Ross Airs Out Birdman After He Issued A Physical Warning To Anyone Saying He Should Pay Lil Wayne


Thursday, October 12, 2017 12:36 PM

Rick Ross Airs Out Birdman After He Issued A Physical Warning To Anyone Saying He Should Pay Lil Wayne

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Rick Ross Airs Out Birdman After He Issued A Physical Warning To Anyone Saying He Should Pay Lil Wayne
If you didn’t already know, Rick Ross has very little to no patience for Birdman these days.

Earlier this week, Birdman ripped open a big ol’ can of worms over on Instagram Live, saying “[…] I be hearing all you [expletive] talking about this Lil Wayne [expletive]. Lil Wayne this, Lil Wayne that. [Expletive], Lil Wayne my son. I raised him. He ain't had nothin', and I brought him to be something, and he got some […] Expletive], you think I ain't gonna make sure he straight? Suck a [expletive] [expletive], [expletive]. I'm gonna show all you [expletive] that got in my business, [expletive] you [expletive]. I'm gonna show you don't play with me, [expletive]. I'm what you call a [expletive] real mastermind."

He had loads of other comments too, but the general gist is that he wants those who criticize him over his drama with Lil Wayne to, um, mind their business.

Yes, we cleaned that up quite a bit. 

Anyway, some fans thought that Birdman was also throwing some fire at Rick Ross, who discussed his issues with the CEO about not paying Lil’ Wayne and Music Producers on his 2017 song "Idols Become Rivals."  

Rick Ross wasn’t put off by Birdman’s warning though. Nope. 

In fact, he decided to clap back at Birdman. Seated in his car, he got straight to the point in reminding Birdman that his response is long overdue.

“Boy, you a year late and five years late paying that man his money,” he stated. “Pay that man his money. We know you ain’t right. Stop with the jokes, [expletive]. Bring that [expletive], baby. Bring it.”

Lil Wayne filed a $51 Million Lawsuit Against Birdman in January 2015 over not being paid the royalties and funds he was allegedly owed. And there was a lot more in the equation than just that. Long story short, it was a complete and utter mess. Records were reportedly held hostage, okay?

Sincerely doubt that this will be the last we hear of this whole situation. In the meantime though, we hope that these two stay far, far away from one another. 

You know what? Scratch that. We hope these two bounce their butts right into a counseling session so that they can work this out. 

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