Dallasblack.com: Rapper Boosie Badazz Feels Television Shows Shove Gay Sh*t Down Our Throats [VIDEO]


Monday, July 04, 2016 11:35 AM

Rapper Boosie Badazz Feels Television Shows Shove Gay Sh*t Down Our Throats [VIDEO]

By: Monya Fleming

Rapper Boosie Badazz Feels Television Shows Shove Gay Sh*t Down Our Throats [VIDEO]

Rapper Boosie Badazz Feels Television Shows Shove Gay Sh*t Down Our Throats [VIDEO]

Boosie isn't afraid to speak his mind and said he is sick of seeing every show promoting homosexuality on television. Boosie is sickened by even cartoons showing gay-related content and feels it pressured young children to "be gay."

The Louisiana rapper made the comments during a recent interview with Vlad TV. During the interview, Boosie was asked about previous comments he made about homosexuality on television.

It's obvious his viewpoint has not changed. Boosie doesn't believe the television networks are putting gay people on television for people that are actually homosexual. He believes it is a trend now and they are attempting to cash in.

Badazz said, "They trying to make everybody f*****' gay. That's what I think. They're putting it on our culture. They're putting it everywhere. Gay stuff is everywhere, and I think they just trying to do it to make a monetary gain."

"They're not doing it for the gays. They're not really fans of the gays. They're doing it for monetary gain, man. They trying to make money off these people, man. You got cartoons that have gays," he added. "On cartoons. Like these are kids. Let kids make they own decision if they wanna go that way... You're forcing them to be gay."

Boosie insists he has no problem with people that are gay but worries about the effect of these shows on young children.

The rapper said, "It wasn't like that when I was coming up. The Ninja Turtles wasn't kissing... If you wanna be gay, that's your decision. That should be your [decision]. That shouldn't be put on a child who mind is not developed to think for their self anyway at that age. It shouldn't be put on a child."

Boosie also predicted that from all the promotion of a gay lifestyle on television that he expects the gay population will increase over the next decade.

Badazz adds, "You're gonna have — I say in 10 years, you gon' have damn near half the population gay. Because of what they put on TV. It's because of how they forcing it.

What do you guys think about the rapper's comments? Does he have a point?

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