Dallasblack.com: You Will Not Believe Why Brandy Just Dumped Her "Religious Bae" Sir The Baptist!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017 9:31 AM

You Will Not Believe Why Brandy Just Dumped Her "Religious Bae" Sir The Baptist!

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

You Will Not Believe Why Brandy Just Dumped Her "Religious Bae" Sir The Baptist!
Some relationships are so rocky that even the most oblivious human on earth can see their demise coming a mile away. Like Brandy and Sir the Baptist.

She reportedly scrubbed her social media accounts of all mentions of him back in June and then posted a video saying that they were still going strong. 

That just screams, “We are in it for the long haul”, right? (Let the sarcasm sink in

But their fling really does seem to be done now.

According to a source close to Brandy, Sir the Baptist is a liar and a cheater.

The insider claims that Brandy recently threw a birthday party for her then-boyfriend and was totally shocked when his baby mama rolled on up to her; he supposedly had never even mentioned that he had two children with another woman.

Plus, she found out that he was messing around behind her back. With not one woman, but two. 

Obviously, she kicked him to the curb. Solid call, lady!

“When she sees red flags, that means it is time to go, and that was one too many. She would rather be alone than unhappy!” the disher explained. 

Don't just post your video of me obsessed @4everbrandy like you don't love your boy too. #goodolechurchgirl

Don’t worry though, he is really apologetic right now. Hahaha. No. He really isn’t.
Last night, he was on Instagram and, of course, questions about his wandering bits were being hurled his way. He responded with, “I do not know where Brandy at fam, she is at home somewhere. We good, you do not have to ask about Brandy every time.”

Her fans weren’t too happy with this retort and gave him a piece of their mind.

Then he posted a really odd “explanation”, saying (in part), “(People fake rumors ruined great artists) I spent an hour on @instagram live helping my Muslim American Sister sale the scarfs she spent soooo much time on… to promote for her birthday. Everyone on my live feed was extremely nice except one who just wanted to talk about my personal life. Alyssa is my homie. Proof… you can put a whole person in between us. Smh I am saved, but if I liked someone I would be on her… man this stuff… is silly!!! The good thing about this is Jesus did not need a good reputation to do his work. They called him everything. Not Jesus by a long shot but I understand. Let the cyber bullying continue, and I will continue trying to do all I can to help those who hurt me.”

Looks like #brandy and #sirthebaptist are over for good this time 👀 #gossiptwins (swipe left) she also posted a post saying his live video needs to match his real life but bran deleted it 🤷🏽‍♀️

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