Dallasblack.com: Brandy Reignites R & Beef With Monica In New Viral Video And Got Dragged By The Internet


Monday, July 09, 2018 10:22 AM

Brandy Reignites R & Beef With Monica In New Viral Video And Got Dragged By The Internet

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Brandy Reignites R & Beef With Monica In New Viral Video And Got Dragged By The Internet
Hold on—it is 2018, right? Just checking.

Because R&B singer Brandy Norwood has opted to (once again, we might add) reignite her feud with Monica Brown.

Why? Uh, it’s not super clear.

Brandy, who currently stars in the hit show Star, was performing at the Essence Festival when she decided to start fighting with her former frenemy.

The mother of one took the stage to sing a solo version of her iconic duet with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine”. Sure, fine.

But at the end of the performance, she changed the lyrics to “the song is mine”.

We don’t know what has Brandy so bothered, but that shade was unnecessary.

Watch the shady clip, below: 

“The Song Is Mine” - Brandy (@4everBrandy) going A capella, effortlessly, with #TheBoyIsMine at #EssenceFest (@essencefest) on the #McDonalds #Black365 Stage - 🚾 #InquisitiveCarter

Hm. The duo had a few bickering sessions in the 1990s because they were competing in the same space, for the same songs and the same audience. That said, they have seemed to have made peace at a few points, even doing another track together called, “All Belongs to Me.”

Though Brandy is credited as a writer and producer on the song, millions of people all over the globe always assumed that it was a duet, it seems as though Brandy wants to make it super extra clear that the song is hers.

People are not loving this move though.

One said, “Too old to be still fighting with Monica. Lol, she is a whole married wife up a successful black woman. Smh, Brandy is the pettiest ruining a good song with bad memories because she wants to start a beef for no apparent reason. Please let this go, Bran. Monica sings it better. It’s about time to grow up, Brandy. Damn.”

A second stated, “Brandy is such a toxic soul. Why is she always looking for a confrontation? She’s a clown Monica’s a better artist and more relevant. She’s also out here happily married living her best life. The song is about 20 years old. Let it go whew Chile! The decades.”

Another noted, “Exactly…If she doesn’t get her some damn medicine for her EVIDENT Mental Personality Bipolar Disorder!!! She ALWAYS does too much. Why do they call her the vocal bible? I’m asking out of honest confusion. I’ve never heard an alto or soprano note from her ever… just tenor and croak… I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Brandy has all these “stats,” but I believe that’s both her and Monica’s only song that won a Grammy. The song is on both of their albums, AND it’s a duet. The song can’t be Brandy’s by herself.”

If someone says something slick to you & your whole crew not looking like this... Throw em’ all away !! LOL Even baby girl , got the what you say we don’t play face 😂😂 #EverybodyReady #IwasFocused #TheyHadMyBack #WhatFace #JurassicPark

Oh and a fourth explained, “I would hope @4everbrandy still isn’t throwing shots or shade at @monicabrown because that’s so like during your career when it was something. How about we focus on making some new music, maybe some hits instead of letting us know who the song belongs to. We know this mediocre song belongs to u girl, we knew it back in the 90’s when you premiered it, it’s 2018 now where is ur album? Ur new music? Ur concerts? At least Monica has been giving us albums, what have you been doing tho? Put it down, and that last album was a dud, so I’m just confused as to why we are still trying to keep this so-called beef alive.”

Many are waiting for Monica to respond. Do you think she should even bother though? 

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