Dallasblack.com: "Black Ink Crew" Star Ceaser Calls Out His Ex Dutchess On Her Lies


Monday, July 17, 2017 6:30 AM

"Black Ink Crew" Star Ceaser Calls Out His Ex Dutchess On Her Lies

By: Monya Fleming

"Black Ink Crew" Star Ceaser Calls Out His Ex Dutchess On Her Lies
Ceaser of "Black Ink Crew" is clapping back after his ex-girlfriend, Dutchess, claimed she went to jail for him.

Ceaser, who split from Dutchess late last year on bad terms, is calling her out for lying on a behind-the scenes special.     

On "Black Ink Crew: Behind the Ink", viewers were shown the filming of the reality show and the top ten moments. During the special, Dutchess stated that she spent the night in jail and took a charge for her ex.

Dutchess was asked about the craziest thing fans didn’t get to see on the show. The tattoo artist stated, "I [expletive] took a charge for this [expletive], y’all. I was the dumb [expletive] who said, 'oh no, let me protect my man once again,' with my dumb [expletive]."

She adds, "I spent the night in jail, never had nothing on my criminal record whatsoever. Dumb [expletive] 101."

Ceaser was obviously angry about her claims after seeing the show, hitting up VH1 to deny the she went to jail for him. 
The "Black Ink Crew" star was asked, "Have you spoken to Dutchess since your breakup?"

He replied, "[Expletive] no, for what? Every time you turn around, she's lying about something. Seen that [expletive] last night, talking about you caught a charge for me. I was like what? When did you ever catch a charge for me? You went to jail for me?"

Ceaser continued, "Dutchess is such a liar, this [expletive] don't make no more sense to me. For a person to say they used to love you and every minute they get, they lying.”

He adds, "Talking dumb [expletive]. I don't want to talk to you anymore. You find out who they really are."

Fans of the show weighed in on the situation:

One viewer wrote, "I agree she's been lying and attention seeking since she came on there. My only thing is why are you telling now? Ok. Your so over him so why you add fuel to the flames. It sounds like she attention seeking now. What would be the purpose of telling that......now?"[sic]

Another fan commented, "She's a liar and a manipulator. She caused that man to abandon a few of his good friends also. She broke his [expletive] down and when opportunity presented itself, she hauled [expletive] to North Carolina which i thought was her intentions in the first place. Yes being dehydrated is real!"

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