Dallasblack.com: Dave Chappelle Is Still Out Here Telling Transphobic Jokes


Tuesday, August 08, 2017 7:41 AM

Dave Chappelle Is Still Out Here Telling Transphobic Jokes

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Dave Chappelle Is Still Out Here Telling Transphobic Jokes

We love Dave Chappelle. We really do. He is an exceptionally witty man. 

But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t occasionally put his foot in his mouth and offend people.

He even supported Trump once upon a time, though he has since apologized, thankfully.

While the social media sphere is still reeling over the ignorant comments made by comedian Lil' Duval about the transgender community (which he seems to have doubled-down on), it seems that there are more ridiculous claims by funny men to cover. 

Obviously, these came from Dave, right? Our lead-in probably gave that away.

Congrats to #DaveChappelle for earning an #Emmy nomination - Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series - for his job hosting @NBCSNL. @RadioCityMusicHall Residency special guests, @ChanceTheRapper and @ChildishGambino, also earned nominations. #chappelleradiocity

Vulture’s Jesse David Fox is claiming that the comedian made a few disparaging jokes during the kickoff of his 16-show residency at Radio City Music Hall.

"For about the first 20 minutes of his set, Chappelle almost exclusively talked about trans issues," Jesse wrote, before highlighting specific points throughout the set.

Last week, #DaveChappelle appeared out of the audience at @FallonTonight for some jokes, and fun and games with @TheRoots, and talked about his upcoming Radio City Residency - find the video at nbc.com. #chappelleradiocity

"He started by talking about how he was 'shocked!' by Trump's ban on transgender officers in the military, because he didn't realize there were any trans people in the military," he said. "'Sounds like a secret weapon to me,' […] 'If I was in ISIS in the trenches fighting against the United States and all of the sudden I see a man with a beard and big D-cups titties just rushing my foxhole and [expletive], I'd be horrified."

Dave then seems to have referenced the fact that a fan letter urged him to cut back on the trans jokes. 

"Later, he told a story about receiving a fan letter that derided his trans jokes, to which he replied, 'A weird thing happened to me in this moment — it honestly made me feel bad that I made somebody else feel bad,'”. He then went on to harp on the fact that people were expressing what they feel inside.

"Since when has America given a [expletive] about how anyone feels inside?" Dave quipped.

That wasn’t all though. "He ended by arguing that sometimes he thinks 'the only reason all of us are talking about transgenders is because white men want to do it. If it was just Blacks and Mexicans like, 'Hey, y'all, we feel like girls inside,' they'd be like, 'Shut up, [expletive] no one asked how you felt.'"

Maybe focus on some other less-hot-button-issue-y material for jokes, Dave?

No comment from Dave on all this just yet.

August 1, 2017 - #DaveChappelle & @TheRoots: Live From Radio City featuring special guest @LilTuneChi, plus appearances by @FrenchMontana, @FatJoe, and @Anderson._Paak. SWIPE 👉 for more. [photos: Mathieu Bitton, @candytman] #ChappelleRadioCity #ROOTSAPALOOZA #LiveNationComedy

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