Dallasblack.com: Did Beyoncé Just Give Us A Hint about the Sex of Her Twins?


Tuesday, March 14, 2017 1:42 PM

Did Beyoncé Just Give Us A Hint about the Sex of Her Twins?

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Did Beyoncé Just Give Us A Hint about the Sex of Her Twins?
As we keep saying, Beyoncé is really playing up her pregnancy this time around. And we are absolutely all about it.

She’s glowing, gorgeous and is placing herself firmly in the spotlight, with no shortage of spectacular photos to commemorate her maternity journey. Yay. 

Her fans are similarly thrilled, evidently. They have already been playing guessing games about the gender(s) of the Carter twins (from the get-go too), based off of supposed “hints” from Bey herself. 

Oh and they also thought that her social media snaps were showcasing clues about the babies’ future names—one theory seems to be that Bey & Jay-Z will opt for “gemstone”-inspired names. 

We aren’t sold on that idea though, but we will see! That would be kind of cute though, no?
Recent buzzings from the Beyhive are based on speculations about the sexes of the soon-to-be-born duo. Yes, again. 
This time around, it is all about the earrings. Kind of. Boy, lots of jewelry-centric guesswork, huh? To recap, the name-hypothesizing primarily centered on Bey’s trinkets as well. Huh. 

E! News is saying that Bey’s decision to don the same earrings as the ones she wore in the 2008 music video for “If I Were A Boy” just might be an indicator that she is carrying boys. (Sidenote, that was a really good song. We’re going to go put that on repeat now.)

Some Twitter users are in agreement on this front. One tweeted, “Earrings from If I Were A Boy video, Still rocking emerald. Beyoncé is having twin boys and is due in May”. Another chimed in with “Beyoncé is wearing her earrings form if I were a BOY video. She's having twin boys. I know it. Don't @ me.”. 

Interesting. But what is to say that she isn’t carrying a boy AND a girl? Or two girls and she literally is just wearing these earrings because they are lovely?

Next up? More due date debates. Most likely. 

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