Dallasblack.com: Evelyn Braxton Doubles Down On Domestic Abuse Claims, Details Vince Herbert Violently Beating Tamar Braxton For Years


Sunday, November 19, 2017 10:58 AM

Evelyn Braxton Doubles Down On Domestic Abuse Claims, Details Vince Herbert Violently Beating Tamar Braxton For Years

By: Monya Fleming

Evelyn Braxton Doubles Down On Domestic Abuse Claims, Details Vince Herbert Violently Beating Tamar Braxton For Years
Tamar Braxton’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, has had it with her youngest daughter suffering abuse at the hands of her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert. The Braxton matriarch is sick of the cover-up of abuse and is coming forward with the truth!

Evelyn recently begged Vincent to "keep his hands off" her daughter while discussing the "Love & War" singer's divorce with TMZ.  

Now, Evelyn is addressing all the years of abuse that Tamar suffered before finally filing for divorce after nine years. 
This season of #TamarandVince is going to be hard for me. But I think it's so important for you you all to see because I used to think marriage was easy and "i got this"... but like my mom says "sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you"! All new at 9pm on @wetv 💔😢

Evelyn said of Tamar's marriage, "It was definitely a volatile relationship. This has been going on for years."

"Everybody saw Vince as a knight and shining armor, [but] behind closed doors that’s a horse of another color," she added. "I’m tired of [Tamar] being abused and misused."

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Tamar's mother was asked if she ever confronted her then-son-in-law about the domestic violence. She revealed Vincent always had an excuse, usually placing the blame on Tamar.

"It [was] always, 'It’s Tamar’s mouth'… it’s always someone else. That does not give you the right to abuse her. Everybody has a mouth. Everyone should have the right to say what they want. Are you trying to beat [her] into submissiveness? No one has the right," Evelyn shared.

The reality star also put WE tv on blast for refusing to show Vincent's bad side.

"We spoke up about it on the 'Braxton Family Values' but they would not show it. They would show all the other girls and their husbands, but when it came to Vince, they took it out of the show," the mother of six claimed.

Up or down🙏🏽

Evelyn also confirmed the rumor that Vince had assaulted Tamar at the Ritz Carlton back in 2016. Police were called after a fight between the couple, when Vince allegedly bit Tamar's finger and drew blood.

The couple were spotted the following day at the airport and acted as if all was well in their marriage.

Evelyn discussed the reasons behind her decision to come forward about the domestic abuse Tamar suffered. 

She explained, "I think too many women are abused, and it’s high time that we stand up and stop this madness. Do you know how many women are killed each year? I just don’t want Tamar to be a part of that."

She continued, "If anything happens to Tamar, that’s Logan’s (Tamar and Vince’s son) loss. That’s my loss. That’s her family’s loss. I don’t want that kind of pain. Enough is enough. I don’t care how much they smile. I don’t care how much they pretend."

Baby I'm just sayin.......🐦

There have been reports that Tamar was angry at her mother for speaking out about the alleged abuse. Some suggested they were not even speaking on the set of their reality show.

However, Evelyn shut the rumors down. She said their relationship is just fine, saying they've been "talking" and "hugging." 

Evelyn concluded her interview by stating, "They say the truth shall set you free. [Tamar And Vince have] been trying to hide it for years. And I have the audacity to tell the truth."

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