Dallasblack.com: WATCH: Faith Evans Breaks Her Silence & Addresses Rumors Surrounding Sudden Marriage To Stevie J


Monday, July 30, 2018 9:58 AM

WATCH: Faith Evans Breaks Her Silence & Addresses Rumors Surrounding Sudden Marriage To Stevie J

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

WATCH: Faith Evans Breaks Her Silence & Addresses Rumors Surrounding Sudden Marriage To Stevie J
She makes moves rooted in love, not fame right?

Faith Evans wants to make it clear that she married Stevie J for love, not for publicity. (But what about the rumored lucrative reality show deal, Faith?)

The R&B veteran and producer’s recent romance rush with songwriter and Love & Hip Hop star Stevie J left many baffled. (And don't even get us started on the commemorative marriage tattoos.)

Though the duo have been friends for over 20 years, their decision to speed right into marriage was met with a very confused response all in all (and it seems their loved ones are perplexed by the move too).

However, Faith thinks it is all fine. She shut down claims that their Vegas elopement was a promotional ploy, spilling the scoop about the marriage and more to Acton Entertainment recently. 

“We started working on the song ["A Minute"] a few months ago in Las Vegas and we got great feedback so we filmed the video in April,” she stated. “And neither one of those times we knew that we would get married on July 17, but we had the date for the single release already in mind. It’s actually good timing now but it wasn’t planned. The single was going to come out regardless.”

The 90's r&b icon intended to create a duet album with men in R&B but “A Minute” inspired her to make the whole project with her husband. As people continue to whisper, Evans remains unbothered.

“People are always going to have something to say but I would never do anything (an important decision) like that for a publicity stunt,” Faith continued.

“People say me and Biggie got married as a publicity stunt and Puff didn’t know we were married. We’ve been great friends for years and it obviously developed into a romantic connection and now he’s married now.”


Watch the interview below:

Oh and Faith is sticking with Stevie, despite rumors that he may have impregnated a 20-year-old named Misha Perry behind her back.

_Gotta hit them angles 😊 .

Apparently, a source told HollywoodLife all the details. She'll only consider calling it quits with her new husband if it turns out that he had cheated with Misha and if she is handed "unshakeable proof". 

"Like, if she’s got date stamped videos that line up with when Faith and Stevie were together, and I mean really together and not on one of their many breakups."

"It’s been a really rocky road with a lot of breakups and makeups, so it could have easily happened when they were free to see other people. As far as Faith believes, Stevie’s always been true to her. And she’ll believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt unless she gets solid proof otherwise," the disher confessed.

The Jordans ❤️

Misha is standing by her claims though.

"So I ended up going to New York with my homegirl and while we were out, he and I had a really heated argument which ended our relationship. Then I never went back to his house because I knew it would have gotten worse," she previously shared.

"Two months later I found out that I was pregnant, so I contacted him but he did not respond because at this point he did not want to talk to me anymore. Then I contacted one of his children to let them know what is going on and they responded, ‘Well, that is between you and my dad.’ I have tried to contact him several times about it. He does not really respond or if he does respond it is negatively, like, ‘Don’t [expletive] call me,’".

Do you think Faith is telling the truth about marrying Stevie J for love? 

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