Dallasblack.com: Fantasia's daughter, Zino Barrino, 15: What does she look like now? [PHOTOS]


Monday, April 17, 2017 10:27 AM

Fantasia's daughter, Zino Barrino, 15: What does she look like now? [PHOTOS]

By: Christopher Knowles

Fantasia's daughter, Zino Barrino, 15: What does she look like now? [PHOTOS]
These Days, cyber-bullying seems to have no limits and know no bounds. It's a mixture of low self-esteem, attention seeking, and the anonymity of social media that gives losers the platform to say things they would never say aloud in person if they were going to be held personally accountable. In life there are certain things you don't do, and an ADULT poking fun at a CHILD is pretty high on that list of "Don't Do's".

Child of singer/songwriter, Fantasia, has fallen victim to the aggression of a follower on Fantasia's Instagram account. Visiting the account, we are boldly reminded that Fantasia is not one to take cyber-bullying lightly. The bio gives insight to exactly how she's feeling about the entire situation, it reads

It SADDENS ME that Most of you will Only Come On to say Negative things. My Kids are Covered and so am I Hate On Mofos But Im the Queen of this THRONE.”

And what picture spawned all of this madness? It was the headlining picture above, being grasped lovingly by her daughter Zion with the caption reading "My Girl <3". While to any sane person, this was just a celebrity sharing an important, personal part of her life with her fans, a follower by the name of Tee Tee* thought otherwise, leaving a nasty comment about Fantasia and her child.

The comment has since been deleted, but a trail of evidence has been left in the wake of the incident. The responses under the comment section deduce the comment from Tee Tee* was insulting Zion's hair and intellectual ability. Under further investigation, Fantasia's followers had zero tolerance when it came to the comment, defending Zion with comments directly at Tee Tee* reminding her to mind her own business and that Zion is actually an Honor Student.

Social media can leave a lot of people out of touch with reality. These are not just screens with robots behind them but real people behind celebrity accounts, with real personal lives, and real feelings. Saying mean things just for attention because you feel like a celebrity won't see them isn't the right thing to do.

Fantasia not only saw the comment but chose to fight fire with fire. She did some investigating of her own and found a picture of Tee Tee* and her daughter and posted that picture on her own Instagram account! Talk about being put on blast. 

But instead of stooping to Tee Tees* level and perpetuating ill-comments and negative attitudes, Fantasia took the high road and went on to say:

*TeeTee Is a Mother as Well as a Black Women. It Saddens me when a Beautiful Black Women with a Beautiful Black Young Baby comes on another Black Women page and Speaks Negative about her Beautiful Black Young Lady… Let Me say this Mama if 1 person comes on this pic and comments negative about your Baby what would you do? How would you feel? Well let me tell you how I Feel (Anger, Rage and ready to Fight). I’m not going to play this mean and evil game with you or any 1 else. I’m a tell you how Pretty your Little Girl is, I’m a say I Pray she Grows up to be everything GOD as predestined Her to Be, I’m a say that I pray Angels watch Over You, her and all your Love 1s. I’m going to pretend you didn’t just GO INNN on my Baby Girl picture… I’ll just Say God Bless You as A Mother and as A Black Sister… From another Sister. Your Girl is Very Pretty.

There are many ways to handle different situations. Some would say even acknowledging the comment was only giving Tee Tee* the attention she so desperately wanted, but digging deeper we see Fantasia educated and actually helped another person to see their wrong and may have helped Tee Tee* realize the impact of what she says on the Internet to other people can hurt real people in real life.

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