Dallasblack.com: All Of Fetty Wap's Baby Mamas Go At It On Social Media After Lezhae Calls One Of His Kids A ‘Monkey’


Sunday, January 21, 2018 9:46 AM

All Of Fetty Wap's Baby Mamas Go At It On Social Media After Lezhae Calls One Of His Kids A ‘Monkey’

By: Monya Fleming

All Of Fetty Wap's Baby Mamas Go At It On Social Media After Lezhae Calls One Of His Kids A ‘Monkey’
Fetty Wap is the father of many with different women, with another child on the way. 

The rapper's baby mamas have been going at it on social media, especially after the arrival of his latest child.

Fetty's baby mama Lezhae Zeona, who is currently pregnant with their second child, recently went on social media and called one of Fetty’s children with Turquoise Miami a monkey on Instagram.

Lezhae addressed Turquoise on Instagram Live, saying, "Get a [expletive] DNA test for that [expletive] monkey and then you [expletive] come talk to me. Now I'm being disrespectful."

Turquoise took to Instagram Live to respond to Lezhae's mean comments about her child looking like a monkey. 

Our Fab Doll @lezhaezeona slays her maternity Shoot rocking @hairsofab Straight. Installed by @gorg_the_great ❤️❤️ #lezhaezeona #lezhae

She told her followers, "No beef, shade, hate in my statement at all. You feel me? What she responded back to was 'cause what I said about her, but I didn't say nothin' about her kid."

Fans urged her to clap back over the 'monkey' remark, but Turquoise explained that certain things make her go quiet. She explained that someone talking about another person's child could "go left real quick."  

Zeona may be dealing with some crazy pregnancy hormones because she followed up those nasty comments by throwing shade at Alexis Skyy. Fans of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" know that Alexis recently gave birth to Fetty's daughter named Alaiya, who was born several months premature.

Can’t stop won’t stop

Lezhae got pregnant around the same time as Alexis. She previously claimed that her pregnancy with Fetty's baby was planned. Lezhae is expecting a baby boy with the rapper this time around.
And somewhere, Masika is laughing with a glass of wine while Alexis is running to Zell Swag crying because she's been outshined...#karma #allegedly 🤷♀️🤷♂️😂🤣☕️ #fettywap #fetty #remyboyz #remyboys #masikakalysha #masikakaylsha #alexissky #alexisskyy #LHHH #lhhhollywood #vh1loveandhiphop #blogger #blogpost #celebritygossip #loveandhiphoptea

Lezhae said on Instagram Live, "They wanna say, 'I find it funny how all his kids look like him except for Zaza. Why is she the only one that don't look like him?' Yada, yada,  ya."

She then let it be known she is ready to fight Alexis after she gives birth to her son.

She then addressed Skyy, saying, "Alexis was poppin' off at the [expletive] mouth, talking crazy...so I pulled the [expletive] up on her [expletive]. Yes, I [expletive] did. Period! You was tryin' to be [expletive] funny. I don't give a [expletive] because I'm not going back and forth no more. She wanna fight...I have my baby March 16. I'm having a c-section. I'll be good a month later." 

Touch me without using your hands...

If that wasn't enough drama between Fetty's baby mamas already, "LHHH" star Masika Kalysha also got into the drama. Masika, who is the mom to Fetty's daughter, threw shade at new mother Alexis. 

She shared a post that read, "Imagine getting pregnant by my baby daddy to upset me then BOOM you a single mother."

#Masika starting her Sunday with a swig of Shade-orade 👀

Masika's followers pointed out that she is actually a single mother too!

Shmood : 😈

Lezhae still wasn't finished dragging Alexis. She took to Instagram to write, "While Alexis sitting there liking [expletive], you [expletive] right I took my [expletive] down there to pay you a visit but sadly all you did was run and hide like you always do. My baby father, his entourage, and anyone else that was there the day of the bus incident can tell you I had sis [expletive] bricks on that bus, she would not get off and see me periodddd...she know wassup." [sic]

Alexis took to Instagram and appeared to respond to the other baby mamas. She sang along to a song that talked about the other chicks not comparing to her. 
It’s gonna be a great New Year 😎 #FettyWap

So, what does Fetty think about all of his baby mamas fighting? He shared a post that read, "If Ima player you a [expletive] Ohhhhh yeahhhh."

Oop! #FettyWap chose some interesting lyrics to quote 👀👀🤔

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