Dallasblack.com: 5 The Most Fly Whips Driven By Rappers


Thursday, September 29, 2016 10:50 AM

5 The Most Fly Whips Driven By Rappers

By: Christopher Mobley

5 The Most Fly Whips Driven By Rappers

5 Of The Most Fly Whips Driven By Rappers


            When it comes to being a famous rapper, “living the dream” means having the money, power and respect that shows that you've truly made the transition from artist with a dream to megastar. One thing that truly shows this is what you're driving down the highway. When you're rich, you can afford to drive the best of the best, but only a few celebrities have the taste to drive a whip that truly stands out. Here are 5 of the flyest rides that rappers have pushed the pedal on.

 Pharrell Williams (Ferrari Enzo)

For most of his career, Pharrell has always been different, whether it's his swag or bringing a different sort of vibe to his songs and production. It's only right that his car collection stands out just as much as his music. Pharrell's car collection includes his rare Ferrari Enzo. The supercar is worth an estimated $1 Million, and has only had 400 produced. Truly a rare whip for a rare artist!

2) Paul Wall ('76 Cadillac Eldorado)

Since Houston is known for having some of the flashiest rides, it's only right that we include one of Houston's biggest names on this list. Paul Wall, known for tracks such as Still Tippin and Sittin Sideways, it's a given that his whip game would be proper. His most prized slab is his 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. Not only is it a timeless classic, but it is tricked out in a way that only the “Slab God” can do it!

3)Drake (Brabus AMG Coupe)

Drake usually isn't shy about bragging on his dreams coming true and his success in his music, and his car collection certainly backs up his lyrics. Although he has multiple expensive cars within his stable, the one that truly stands out is his customized Brabus AMG Coupe. The customizations include a body kit, full interior makeover and an engine tuned to produce 850 horsepower. The best part, it's as fast as it is fly, able to reach up to 217 MPH!

Rick Ross

When you're known as “the boss”, it helps to make sure you're always pushing a boss ass whip! Even though he named his label after the luxury Maybach, Rick Ross still keeps a collection of cars, ranging from vintage to new luxury vehicles. The main whip in Ross's garage that screams “boss status” is his $400,000 Rolls Royce Wraith.

5)Yo Gotti

The car collection of Yo Gotti is the stuff of legend! Not only are all of his whips the finest of luxury vehicles, but his choice of “all white everything” when it comes to the colors of his cars truly makes his collection stand out. However, he recently decided to start wrapping his cars Tiffany Blue, and the results make his collection stand out even more! The flyest in this collection has to be the Tiffany Blue wrapped Bentley GT. 

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