Dallasblack.com: Gabrielle Union Destroys Social Media Trolls for Trying to Blast Her Career Choices


Monday, April 17, 2017 8:34 AM

Gabrielle Union Destroys Social Media Trolls for Trying to Blast Her Career Choices

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Gabrielle Union Destroys Social Media Trolls for Trying to Blast Her Career Choices
We may cast a dubious look at Gabrielle Union’s life choices from time to time, but we have no doubt that she is a woman who doesn’t hesitate to defend herself. Remember how she ripped into Nene Leakes after the reality star dropped some scathing thoughts on Gabi’s Oscar outfit choice?

Gabrielle supposedly stirred the pot the other day when she posted, “All money ain't good money. My self-respect, peace, and sanity ain't up for sale” on Twitter. She followed this up with “Many ways to conduct business. Character does come into play. Don't think the dog tied to the tree in the backyard is ‘loyal’”. 

And, because the Internet can be terrible sometimes, some people chose to use this as an excuse to attack her previous career moves. Ugh.

She really took them to task though, responding rather bitingly and brilliantly to these criticisms. 

One commenter had snapped back with “Yes it is. You played a slave”, which we seriously don’t even have the energy to start on right now. Gabrielle then shot back, "I played a slave that had been raped. Which is exactly my own story. And I didn't make any $$ on the movie. Carry on”. In case you aren’t sure what she means by that, the actress has previously opened up about her own experience of being raped at gunpoint when she was nineteen.

Another had made a rude comment about the fact that Gabi has opted to do nudity, to which Gabi quipped, “I'm the star & executive producer of #BeingMaryJane & it was MY choice to show a grown woman enjoying her [explicative]”.

There are more great examples too.

Our favorite at the moment is “And if yall don't stop offering wack advice about what grown women do w/their bodies...”, which isn’t directed at anyone specifically, but which someone should pass along to Tyrese Gibson because he OBVIOUSLY has missed the memo. 

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