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Monday, November 05, 2018 11:52 AM

After All Of The Horrible Moments Last Season, Sky & Her Estranged Son Come Face-to-Face Once More — Video

By: Vincent Tucker

After All Of The Horrible Moments Last Season, Sky & Her Estranged Son Come Face-to-Face Once More — Video
As we all remember, the previous season was a super tough one for Sky. 

Sky made the decision to give her two sons up for adoption many years ago. She then opted to reach out to them after not having contact with them for over a decade. It seems like a rough issue for all involved.

Her relationship with her younger son, Des, has grown since first reconnecting with him but we all witnessed the turmoil and drama that followed her encounters with her older son, Genesis.

The drama between Sky and her oldest son hit its peak as they almost coming to blows twice, which left the 34-year-old mother completely heartbroken.

Ceaser even tried to intervene, hoping to talk some sense into Genesis and help him bond with his mother. That’s when Genesis made it clear that hated his mother, questioning how it could possibly take her so long to get her life together.

But things might just be looking up for Sky.

During the last episode, Des took it upon himself to talk to his big bro’ Genesis in hopes of him finally reconnecting with their birth mother.

Genesis said he’s not so much mad at Sky, but more so disappointed by her actions.

He went on to tell his little brother that he’d be willing to meet with the Black Ink Star and begin building a relationship for once and all.

Who is you 🔥
Sky was in for an emotional awakening after Genesis walked into the tattoo shop and couldn’t help but break down in tears. Genesis pulled his mom outside explained why he rebelled against her so much last season.

“I don’t wanna argue, I don’t wanna fight with you, I just wanna talk to you,” Genesis said his birth mother. “Fifteen years is too long [and] I’m tired of all the bull[ish] and arguing.” 

It took Genesis a year to realize that a relationship with his mom was something that he wanted, but after their previous conversations Genesis felt like he needed to “learn how to be a man before [he] could come talk” and that he needed to “fix [himself] before [he] could present [himself.]”

He added: “I [Messed] up, and I don’t wanna waste no more time. I wasn’t even mad, I was just disappointed and now it’s time to move on past the bull[ish] and I know you my momma and I love you for real.”

Sky and her estranged son then hugged it out as the 34-year-old cried tears of joy.

Fans of Black Ink hit up social media with heartfelt tweets and said Sky reconciling with her eldest son left them misty eyed.

Someone wrote: “Black ink crew went off & im still in here crying about sky & her son making up 😩 I need a 24 hour therapist 😩.”

This fan told Sky: “The Lord works n mysterious ways n I'm so happy for u Sky. This touched me n a way that bright joy n my heart for u. Genesis I'm so happy that u came to ur mother and explained ur feelings. The road still may have some ups/downs but the fact that ur making an effort n willing is a blessing on its own. A big fan of the show, and an even bigger fan of u guys coming together as a family. Prayer for u guys to continue ur walk as a family united as 1 as it should be. Des u've done a wonderful thing for ur mom n brother.”

Another follower shared: “Last night episode of black ink was probably the best episode they had when sky & her son hugged I cried so bad ❤️.”

This person added: “I’m watching black ink crying harder than sky im so happy for her 😭.”

A fourth commenter stated: “Sky reconciling with her son in Black ink crew has me crying rn 😫😭.”

❤️ Complete... #UsNevaThem

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses as other viewers thought Genesis was only making nice with Sky because he saw his little brother Des shining and wanted to cash in on some money and TV fame as well. 

One naysayer claimed: “Genesis just tryna get that bag 😂.”

Another said: “Genesis saw Dez gettin money n wntd sum too.”

A third follower added: “He heard dea got a dodge lmao🤣.”

Someone needs to work on there smiles lmao happy asf we back🚀🔥💴💯#usneverthem

Tune in to VH1’s Black Ink Crew on Wednesday nights at 10/9pm central.

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