Dallasblack.com: Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian's Feud Turns Nasty As "Bey Considers Kim Trash" — Report


Tuesday, August 29, 2017 2:42 PM

Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian's Feud Turns Nasty As "Bey Considers Kim Trash" — Report

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Beyoncé And Kim Kardashian's Feud Turns Nasty As "Bey Considers Kim Trash" — Report

Well, it seems that that one-sided somewhat feud between Kim Kardashian-West and Beyoncé is reaching its peak. 

Hm. Bey is probably just like, “Kim who?” She did reportedly re-gift the presents that Kim sent her for the Carter twins, which many people found hilarious. But honestly, people read way too deep into this basically non-existent dynamic.

Kim wants to be liked by Bey. Kim copies Bey. Kim annoys Bey. Bey and Jay may think that they are better than Kim because she is “just” a reality star, which is kind of a rude opinion, but do Kim and Bey even really actually even cross paths? Eh.

CelebrityInsider is reporting that Kim is fuming that Queen Bey did not acknowledge her baby presents that she sent as a white flag, wanting to end their differences.

In an issue also featuring Michelle Obama, #KimKardashianWest and her daughter #NorthWest are featured as the First Lady and the first daughter. According to the cover, the interview was conducted by Janet Mock and the cover was shot by Steven Klein. A 2015 Cosmopolitan cover calling the Kardashians the First Family during the Obama administration garnered heavy criticism.
“Kim sent over a huge bouquet of flowers and a basket of baby gifts weeks ago, as soon as she heard about the twins’ birth. But she has had no word of thanks, and she is steaming mad, saying it is the final straw and a huge insult she simply should not have to tolerate” a source said.

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In addition, the insider claimed that while there is still a lot of “bad blood” between the two stars, the falling out between Kanye West and Jay Z is only making it worse. Yeah, we believe it. Kind of a tense situation all around.

“Kim insists it’s Beyonce who’s been the aggressor in their feud; she’s tried countless times to mend fences – including meeting up back in January,” the source continued.
“But the simple reality is that Bey considers Kim trash and beneath her.”

While there are plenty of theories floating around about the source of the blow-up, it’s safe to say that we are going to be hearing about this for quite some time. The whole streaming service lawsuit business can’t be helping though. Nor is JAY-Z's Diss Towards Kanye on his new album, 4:44.

Hey, here’s an idea. Bey and Kim can get together to bash Taylor Swift. Tay-Tay is devoting an entire album to dissing Kim since Kim dared to post proof that her husband actually did ask Taylor for permission to call her a [expletive] in “Famous”…and the first track is quite possibly the vanilla mayonnaise mean chick’s version of “Formation”.

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Do you think that Beyonce/JAY-Z and Kanye/Kim will ever get over their differences and be friends again?

Did YOU guess correctly how JAY-Z and Beyoncé chose their baby names? Bet you didn't!!!

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