Dallasblack.com: Sneak Peek Shows Everyone At Reunion Show Flipping Out After Jackie Admits She Doesn't Know Her Grandson's Birthday


Sunday, August 13, 2017 11:11 AM

Sneak Peek Shows Everyone At Reunion Show Flipping Out After Jackie Admits She Doesn't Know Her Grandson's Birthday

By: Monya Fleming

Sneak Peek Shows Everyone At Reunion Show Flipping Out After Jackie Admits She Doesn't Know Her Grandson's Birthday
A major storyline on the sixth season of “Basketball Wives” has been Jackie Christie's strained relationship with her daughter Takari Lee, as well as her feud with Evelyn Lozada for donating to Takari's GoFundMe account. 

A sneak peek of the reunion show reveals Jackie has no clue on her grandon's birthday date. Her castmates react!

Christie’s troubled relationship with her daughter Takari has played out this season and it's been pretty ugly. Takari has claimed that her mother was cruel to her growing up, basically treating her like a red-headed step-child. 

Lee has also shown support for her mother's nemesis, Evelyn, who made a donation to help cover Takari's son's medical bills after he was badly burned at daycare. 

Lozada's charitable contribution enraged Christie, feeling it reflected badly on her as a mother. The cast mates have butted heads this season and simply cannot see eye-to-eye.

The preview of the Season 6 "BBW" reunion shows Jackie being asked by the host, Mar Lamont Hill, about how her grandson is doing now. 

Christie responded, "Jaxon is great. Takari's great." Lamont asks how old Jaxon is now, with Christie replying, "Jaxon, my grandson? He's one."

The host then asks when his next birthday is and Jackie says, "I'm not sure when his next birthday is." The audience reacts in surprise that she wouldn't know her own grandson's birthday.

Evelyn laughs in disbelief and Shaunie O'Neal's face says it all.

Hazel is heard saying, "I would kill my mama, if she ain't know my baby's birthday." 

Jennifer Williams states, "I know my dog's birthday", with Hazel responding, "Exactly."

Marc brings up the topic of Evelyn's donation to Takari's GoFundMe page, asking why she chose to donate. Evelyn replied that she felt terrible seeing the photos of the injured little boy. Of course, Jackie believes that Evelyn just donated to have a 'storyline' on the show.

Jackie is shown in the clip threatening Evelyn to steer clear of her family business. 

She warns, “Imma take your [expletive] esophagus out right [expletive] now and I'm going to jail." She then tells Lozada, "Please stay out of it. You donated her $3500. I was later asked for it back."

Christie goes on to say, "I don't need you to donate for my kid. Nothing. Please don't ever do that. My point is this Evelyn, stay out of my family business."

Tami Roman, who is obviously 'Team Jackie', finds Evelyn's actions rather suspect. Tami seems to believe Evelyn made the donation because she planned to return to "Basketball Wives."  

Roman said, "The image that bothered Evelyn so much was on the blogs 4-6 months before they got entwined with each other.  Then, there was like scuttle-butt that Evelyn might be coming back to Basketball Wives. The next thing that came out if you follow the chain was when the girl wanted $3500 and she already had the money. Then it seemed like Evelyn was the last donation. So if you're on the outside looking in at all of this, it looks like what? Girl, she already had the money. What?"

Evelyn points out that she hadn't even announced her return to "BBW" at that time. She also let it be known she didn't need that to make her return to the show epic.

The reunion show is going to be very interesting and messy! 

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