Dallasblack.com: K. Michelle Explains Why She Won’t Stop Clapping Back Amid Current Drama With Tamar Braxton


Friday, May 11, 2018 7:33 AM

K. Michelle Explains Why She Won’t Stop Clapping Back Amid Current Drama With Tamar Braxton

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

K. Michelle Explains Why She Won’t Stop Clapping Back Amid Current Drama With Tamar Braxton
K. Michelle’s ability to craft creative insults is utterly magical. But, yeah, she bickers with people a lot.

She hopped onto Twitter to explain why she is so vocal about her viewpoint and has to clap back all the time.

In fact, she claims it’s her version of playing video games  and says she feels like black women are her biggest critics.

"never got a fair shot.I came in the game telling my abuse&these [tricks] did whatever the could 2make me look like a crazy liar only person had my back was Tiny and shekana. So I was angry and fighting for my truth but they made me be a crazy liar.Still living this down. SAd".

"I’m really learning it the amount of real hate from people who don’t know me or have never or will never know me is crazy. You don’t like me, but how do you even know. It’s a bit weird they ok just hopping on the bandwagon 2 destroy a successful black woman".

K. had lots more to say. Check out the Tweets Below (Read From Bottom to Top).

So, don’t worry, Tamar Braxton. K. Michelle is ready for round…whatever number we are currently on…whenever you are.

Tamar appeared to toss some shade at K. Michelle over on The Steve Harvey Show when she made a “Groupon” plastic surgery comment two weeks ago.

"I just think that you do have to do your research. But you can’t be thinking you’re gonna go ahead and have plastic surgery on the Groupon. Ain’t no plastic surgery on sale! Like that’s not gonna happen. And if it’s on sale, 9 times out of 10, you’re not supposed to get it from the person that’s having a sale. Don’t do that."

Did I mention that my bday sis @tamiroman and the cuteness overload herself @brookeburke is on today with me?? Its So funny.. although I DO Recommend you go to @simonourianmd1 🤷🏾‍♀️ ain’t no sale.. but you WILL look like you drank the potion in the movie death becomes her😩😩🤣🤣😩🤣

K. Michelle quickly leapt onto social media to respond (as she obviously felt this was directed at her since she was rushed to the hospital that same week due to complications from getting getting her butt injections removed. 
#KMichelle had to get a blood transfusion, Join us in wishing her a speedy and safe recovery 🙏🏼♥️ @jazzymcbee #miss10to2 #middayswithjazzymcbee #streetz945atl

"I woke up this morning excited about seeing my family. Yesterday it was just shocking to me how a person can continue to take shots at a person after years for no reason even when Their very own life is in shambles. I then realize the head and heart are just miserable."

K. also tweeted, "You so called paid all that money and your nose is still doing the Gangsta lean."

Oh and she called Tamar "ugly face [expletive] milk dud”, adding, "Tell that to your left nostril broke joke."

Next, Tamar posted a clip of her son Logan on Instagram, captioning the video, "I’m Just a Mother who takes care of her SON no MATTER WHAT! I’ll NEVER trade him for a night out,a man,nor a job #mygift #imaREALmom #bestjobever #heliveswithME🕶".

Loadedddddd, since K.'s teenage son lives with his grandmother, rather than his mother. So Shady...
I’m Just a Mother who takes care of her SON no MATTER WHAT!! I’ll NEVER trade him for a night out,a man,nor a job #mygift #imaREALmom #bestjobever #heliveswithME🕶 shout out to all the amazing real mothers!! Love yall❤️this is why I turn my comments off because it IS ok to pat yourself on the back!! It’s hard working your [butt] off all day like most of us do THEN go home and be A FULL TIME parent! Shade who for WHAT!!?!? Gtf up please🙏🏽

Tamar then tried to play victim by posting a “PSA” on Instagram Live, saying, “It’s getting out of hand.” She said she was tired of people thinking she is always trying to shade someone; she also claims she doesn’t want to be involved in nonsense anymore and she’s all about empowerment.

🗣Yo Wig!!! Get thee behind me 😂😂 #happyfriday⭐️☀️💫

Oh and there was more! K. Michelle soon felt called to share a story on Twitter about a woman, who was married to an Atlanta music executive, catching her husband with his mistress in an elevator, before then attacking said mistress. 

There have been long been rumors that Tamar was a mistress to Jermaine Dupri’s father Michael Mauldin (legendary music executive...and that JD’s mother confronted Tamar and his dad in the elevator and allegedly beat up Tamar.

K. Michelle also went on to explain that she think that Tamar should hush up about women's empowerment, all things considered.

Check out K. Michelle’s tweets about that story below. (Read from the Bottom Up):

It’s obvious that when it comes to these two, they are going to beef forever!

Sidenote: Plus, she offered up another health update.
Prayers up for K. Michelle. 

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