Dallasblack.com: Kirk Frost Says This Is The Reason Why He's Not Taking A Paternity Test For Jasmine's Baby


Tuesday, July 11, 2017 9:26 AM

Kirk Frost Says This Is The Reason Why He's Not Taking A Paternity Test For Jasmine's Baby

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Kirk Frost Says This Is The Reason Why He's Not Taking A Paternity Test For Jasmine's Baby
Rasheeda Frost served up some seriously eyebrow-raising (all things considered that is) advice for Tiny a bit ago; she basically told the pint-sized firecracker to fight for her marriage and not worry about what other people think - even though T.I. had been openly cuddling up to Bernice for quite some time.C

So, yeah, she too is probably continuing to sip the stick-with-a-cheater-no-matter-what Kool-Aid, you know? 

Well, Kirk is now claiming that his reason for not taking a DNA test is a much nobler one than what it probably is.

In the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta highlight, host Nina Parker explained that out of respect for Kirk and Rasheeda, Rod and Jasmine weren't permitted to be a part of the reunion.

When asked what she would say to the woman who destroyed her marriage, Rasheeda responds, “not a thang” because Jasmine had plenty of time to discuss this in-person. 

Quick note; it takes two to tango so can we all quit it acting like side pieces are solely responsible for wrecking a relationship? Ugh.

Rasheeda finds the fact that Jasmine kept quiet for nine months before getting crazy with the details bizarre; to her this screams “MOTIVES”. 

Kirk was also reportedly rolling around in the sheets with Jasmine’s friend Keonna and he had some thoughts on this rumor too; “I don't sleep around with other people. A mistake is something you do. I'm not running around just smashing broads.”

He then clarified that he made a one-time mistake before explaining why he will not take a DNA Test. 

Kirk says “No, [expletive]. What I want you to learn is don't try to set a [expletive] up to get on, to get money thinking that a child is going to pave your [expletive]  way. You using that baby as a pawn to carry three people forward. That's [expletive] up.”

Right message, wrong messenger, maybe?

Also, if you think that having a baby with Kirk is your road to riches, you are sadly and sorely mistaken.

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