Dallasblack.com: Lance Gross Is Getting Backlash Over This Post About His Son’s Skin Complexion — Photos


Friday, August 03, 2018 10:35 AM

Lance Gross Is Getting Backlash Over This Post About His Son’s Skin Complexion — Photos

By: Elliah Dash-Stell

Lance Gross Is Getting Backlash Over This Post About His Son’s Skin Complexion — Photos
Children are always a blessing!

A celebratory post of his newborn son's recent milestone turned into an intense online controversy for actor and photographer Lance Gross. 

Gross and his stylist wife Rebecca welcomed their son Lennon Lorin Gross (who they’ve affectionately been calling LL Kool G) just a month ago and Lance has been proudly sharing progress photos ever since.

While we don’t know if he’s been praying for his son to have his traits, he’s certainly pleased to see that baby Lennon is turning out to have a similar complexion close to his own.

The father of two posted a super cute picture of his son and captioned it, "LL Kool G my little man's color is comin' in nicely! I'm hyped!"

LL Kool G my 🍫 little man’s color is comin’ in nicely! I’m hyped! 🙌🏿💪🏿✊🏿

While little Lennon is coming in cocoa brown, his big sister, Berkeley, is a lighter shade of brown, closer to mom Rebecca’s complexion. Both are beautiful children, of course.

Missing them already 😩😩😩🐢🐢 ps it’s a shirt and baby not a belly lol

Some took offense to this and accused the proud papa of being a colorist. One wrote, "Black men really hate dark skin black women but use their privilege to play victim when they are called out on colorism."
L.L. Kool G

Another tossed their take in, penning, "He's happy his son's COLOR is coming in.... Mr. Colorism. I guess it's only cool that black men are dark skin and not black women cuz you wasn't hoping for COLOR to come in for your Babygirl! Man hush up and act."

After getting into a dispute with another user, one of his fans clapped back, commenting, "He's clearly color struck. pointing it out doesn't make me ignorant."

With tons of conversation about colorism and self-hate popping up under his snap, Lance published a lengthy message in response to his haters, explaining, "I love me more than anyone else ever could. I won't argue with fools but I'm down to inform the misinformed to a certain extent before I stop giving a [expletive]. I am a proud BLACK man that loves my African-American wife and that will remain."

"While I owe no explanation I do feel the need to say this colorism topic is setting us back more than you realize. (Especially on social media.) Colorism exists, yes but y'all not about to just label every dark skin Black man who is in a relationship with someone lighter complexion under that bus. I chose love not skin tone."

See Lance's clap back in full, below: 

In spite of this clarification, the debate raged on across the social media sphere.

“We’re friends first. We’re best friends,” Lance once said of his wife, Rebecca. “I’m not a fan of saying someone completes another person, but she definitely complements me and I complement her. And we just have fun together. I can’t imagine myself without her.”

The pair have been married since 2015. They welcomed daughter Berkeley a year prior, in 2014. 

When Dad lets you sleep in your make up that one time and you wake up a frozen Rock Star with the crust on your mouth....#dontactlikeyouladiesneversleptinyourmakeup #🐢

So, did Lance put out a really loaded thought or are people overreacting?

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