Dallasblack.com: Former 'American Idol' Contestant Says "Being Gay Is a Choice" Because She Was Able to Overcome It


Monday, March 13, 2017 9:10 AM

Former 'American Idol' Contestant Says "Being Gay Is a Choice" Because She Was Able to Overcome It

By: Martel Sharpe

Former 'American Idol' Contestant Says "Being Gay Is a Choice" Because She Was Able to Overcome It
La’Porsha Renae, a former American Idol contestant, recently made statements on Twitter saying that being a gay is a choice. Her remarks concerning homosexuality immediately drew a lot of attention, mostly negative.

La’Porsha claims that she was in a homosexual relationship for two years and overcame her homosexuality by choosing to be straight. She uses her experience as proof that homosexuality is a choice that people can choose to be straight or gay. According to La’Porsha she respects homosexuals and thinks that they deserve to be loved the same as everyone else. She also insists that she isn't homophobic. 

In multiple tweets she defended her response, telling people to educate themselves and realize that people choose to be straight or gay. La’Porsha consistently insists that those who think that homosexuality isn’t a choice are wrong. 

La’Porsha is entitled to her opinion as long as she’s not hurting anyone. The good thing about this whole ordeal is the fact that she didn’t make her statements with any malicious intent. She simply took her experience and applied it to the situation, not exactly the best way create an informed opinion but it works for her. If she can live with a whole community of people disagreeing with her views then that’s her cross to bare. 
Normally, when people try to play the “experience card” to make a point they often compare their experiences to other people’s and analyzing them. They try to find similarities to piece together a common theme. That didn’t quite happen here, La’Porsha simply went with the “I know because I know” theory and nobody’s drinking the kool-aid on that one.

Congratulations to La’Porsha for finding the closet, climbing back in, locking the door, and losing the key.  Maybe she can write a book titled “I Used to Be Gay, But I Ain’t No More” or sell the rights to make a movie about you to Lifetime. Better yet, she can just stop talking so the public return to remembering her as the girl who almost won American Idol but wasn’t good enough.

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